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Bus route

23 from Monkmoor No. 13 to Shrewsbury Bus Station

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Shrewsbury Bus Station
Monkmoor No. 13
Monkmoor Aston Butts Jct
Monkmoor Rushton Road Jct
Monkmoor No. 4
Monkmoor Bridgeford Way Jct
Monkmoor Hearne Way Jct
Monkmoor Hotel
Monkmoor Road Jct In
Monkmoor Porchfield Jct
Monkmoor Clive Road Jct
Belvidere Abbots Green
Belvidere Mynd Close Jct
Belvidere Lane Jct
Belvidere Road Jct
Belvidere Peace Drive Jct
Belvidere Carmen Avenue Jct
Belvidere Reynaulds Close Jct
Belvidere Shirehall
Abbey Foregate Shirehall
Abbey Foregate The Bell PH
Abbey Foregate Newhall Gardens Jct
Abbey Foregate The Dun Cow
Abbey Foregate Abbey Church
Shrewsbury St. Julians Friars
Shrewsbury The Square
Shrewsbury Market Hall
Shrewsbury Rowleys House
Shrewsbury Bus Station