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22/22A/22B Durham to Sunderland

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Sunderland Interchange
Sunderland Stockton Road
Ashbrooke Burdon Road-Bede Place
Ashbrooke Ryhope Road-Mowbray Road
Ashbrooke Ryhope Road-Cedars Court
Grangetown Ryhope Road-China Street
Grangetown Ryhope Road-Ryton Square
Grangetown Ryhope Road-Weldon Avenue
Grangetown Ryhope Road - Hollywood Road
Grangetown Ryhope Road - Ocean Road
Grangetown Ryhope Road-Askrigg Avenue
Grangetown Ryhope Road-Angram Drive
Grangetown Ryhope Road-Salterfen Road
Ryhope Village The Village
Ryhope Village Ryhope Hospitals
Ryhope Village Stockton Road-Hawksley Grange
Seaham Grange Grange Mount House
Seaham Grange Farm
Seaham Grange Glebe Est - Four Houses
New Seaham Byron Terrace
New Seaham Mill Inn - Stockton Road
New Seaham Eastlea Store
New Seaham Westlea shops
New Seaham Mount Pleasant
Dalton-le-Dale Times Inn
Cold Hesledon Road End
Cold Hesledon Forklift
Dalton Park Shopping Centre
Cold Hesledon Road End
Cold Hesledon Road End
Cold Hesledon Waterworks
Cold Hesledon Pemberton Arms
Hawthorn Lane
Hawthorn Road End
Hawthorn Eagle Cottage
Easington Village Greyhound Stadium
Easington Village Post Office
Easington Village Council Offices
Easington Village Working Mens Club
Easington Village Shakespeare Terrace
Easington Colliery Glebe Terrace
Easington Colliery Seaside Lane-Easington Street
Easington Colliery Seaside Lane-Memorial Avenue
Easington Colliery Methodist Church
Easington Colliery Station Road-Office Street
Easington Colliery Station Road-Alisha Vale
Easington Colliery Maritime Crescent
Easington Colliery Roosevelt Ave
Horden Farm
Peterlee Thorpe Road Cemetery
Peterlee Stephenson Road - Factories
Peterlee Essington Way - Stephenson Road
Peterlee Essington Way - Crawford Avenue
Peterlee Essington Way - Yoden Road
Peterlee Bus Station Stand C
Peterlee Burnhope Way - Neville Rd
Peterlee Burnhope Way-East Durham College
Peterlee Burnhope Way - Beverley Way
Peterlee Moorcock
Peterlee Shotton Road Flyover
Shotton Colliery Whitehouse Crescent
Shotton Colliery Church Street
Shotton Colliery Front Street
Shotton Colliery Post Office
Shotton Colliery Carlyle Crescent
Shotton Colliery Bruce Glasier Terrace
Shotton Colliery Dixon Estate
Shotton Colliery Station Industrial Estate
Wheatley Hill Office Street
Wheatley Hill Patton Walk
Wheatley Hill Front Street-Rock Farm Mews
Wheatley Hill Vincents Corner - Front St
Wheatley Hill Quilstyle Road
Wheatley Hill Wheatley Terrace
Wheatley Hill Stoker Crescent
Wheatley Hill Police Houses
Wheatley Hill Cemetery Gates
Wheatley Hill Vincents Corner - Cemetery Rd
Wheatley Hill Major Garage - Schools
Thornley Working Mens Club
Thornley Colliery Inn
Thornley Schools
Thornley Gore Hall Estate
Thornley RC Church
Thornley Dunelm Road
Thornley Crossways Court
Old Cassop Smithy Farm
Byers Garth Cottages - West
Sherburn House Care home
Sherburn Road Motorway Bridge
Sherburn Road Dragon Lane End
Sherburn Road Bingo
Sherburn Road Moorlands
Durham Sherburn Road
Durham Magdalene Street
Durham Hild-Bede College
Durham Leazes Road - Millburngate Bridge
Durham Bus Station Stand C

Map data ©2024
Map data ©2024
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