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Bus route

217 from Woodside Interchange to Woodside Interchange

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Woodside Interchange
Woodside Interchange
Woodside Hamilton Square Station
Birkenhead Argyle Street
Birkenhead Bus Station
Birkenhead Parkfield Avenue
Birkenhead Park Exmouth Street
Birkenhead Park Park Road East
Birkenhead Park Newling Street
Birkenhead Park Ashville Road
Birkenhead Park Morley Avenue
Birkenhead Plumer Drive
Birkenhead Dundonald Street
Birkenhead Arkle Road
Bidston Challis Street
Bidston Hoblyn Road
Bidston Hurrell Road
Bidston Village Road
Bidston Eleanor Road
Beechwood Fender Way
Beechwood St Oswalds Avenue
Beechwood Bidston Green Drive
Beechwood Drive
Beechwood Fifth Avenue
Beechwood Third Avenue
Beechwood Second Avenue
Beechwood First Avenue
Noctorum Upton Station
Upton By-Pass
Upton Ford Drive
Upton Salacre Lane
Upton Ford Road
Upton Sullivan Avenue
Arrowe Hill Leeswood Road
Arrowe Park Arrowe Brook Road
Arrowe Park Pool Lane
Arrowe Park Hospital Internal Grounds
Arrowe Park Greenwood Road
Arrowe Park Whitefield Close
Woodchurch Hoole Road
Woodchurch Hoole Road
Arrowe Park Whitefield Close
Woodchurch The Meadow
Woodchurch Home Farm Road
Woodchurch Hoole Road
Woodchurch Home Farm Road
Prenton Palmwood Close
Prenton Dell Road
Prenton Holm Lane
Prenton Dovedale Close
Prenton Osmaston Road
Prenton Curzon Road
Prenton Storeton Road
Arno Hill Fairview Road
Arno Hill Storeton Close
Arno Hill Mill Hill
Oxton Ringwood
Oxton Village Road
Oxton Willow Lea
Oxton Wexford Road
Oxton Budworth Road
Oxton Howbeck Road
Oxton Blaydon Walk
Claughton Hill Road
Claughton Shrewsbury Road
Claughton Manor Hill
Birkenhead Park Park Road West
Birkenhead Park St Hughs Close
Birkenhead Park Francis Avenue
Birkenhead Park Paterson Street
Birkenhead Park Bentinck Street
Birkenhead Cardigan Avenue
Birkenhead Elm Street
Birkenhead Clwyd Street
Birkenhead Conway Park Station
Woodside Hamilton Street
Woodside Interchange