Bus route and timetables

205 Pudsey to Dewsbury

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Dewsbury Bus Station stand 9
Pudsey Bus Station stand E
Pudsey Park
Pudsey Carlisle Road School St
Pudsey Station Street
Troydale Carlisle Road
Pudsey Hillthorpe Road
Pudsey Southroyd Rise
Pudsey Oakdene Close
Pudsey Roker Lane Littlemoor Rd
Troydale Roker Ln Kent Road
Troydale Roker Lane
Pudsey Roker Lane Low Farm
Pudsey Roker Lane Tong Ln
Troydale Tong Rd Roker Lane
Tong Rd Troydale Lane
New Farnley Uplands Farm
New Farnley Back Lane
New Farnley Back Lane The Woodcock PH
New Farnley Gildersome Lane Woodcock Inn
Gildersome Lane Upper Moor Side
Gildersome Lane Suffield Rd
Gildersome Moorland Avenue
Gildersome Moorland Ave Moorland Close
Gildersome Moorland Ave Spring Avenue
Gildersome Spring Ave Church Avenue
Gildersome Church St Spring Avenue
Gildersome Ch St
Gildersome Green
Gildersome Harthill
Gildersome Branch End
Gildersome Asquith Ave Gelderd Road
Morley Asquith Avenue Deansway
Morley Asquith Avenue Deanfield Ave
Morley Brunswick Street
Morley Corporation Street Bright St
Morley Corporation Street Wynyard Dr
Morley Queensway
Morley Town Hall C
Morley Commercial Street E
Morley Abbey House
Morley High Street St Pauls St
Morley Bridge St Bridge Court
Morley Tingley Mills
Morley Rein Road Tingley Common
Rein Rd Tingley Crescent
Tingley Woodkirk Academy
Tingley Syke Rd Syke Avenue
Tingley Syke Rd Syke Gardens
Tingley Westerton Rd Syke Road
Tingley Westerton Road
Tingley Westerton Road Lonsdale Rise
Tingley Westerton Frost Corner
Tingley Haigh Moor Road The Nook
Tingley Haigh Moor Road Boyle Hall Farm
Tingley Haigh Moor Rd Haigh Moor Avenue
Tingley Haigh Moor Rd Redhill Drive
Tingley Common Side
Tingley Batley Road Woollin Ave
Tingley Batley Road The Croft
Tingley Hey Beck Ln Baghill Road
Woodkirk Hey Beck Lane
Woodkirk Hey Beck Lane Leeds Rd
Woodkirk Leeds Road Heybeck Ln
Woodkirk Leeds Road Dum Wood
Shaw Cross Leeds Rd Sykes Lane
Shaw Cross Leeds Rd Grange Road
Shaw Cross Chidswell Ln Leeds Road
Shaw Cross Chidswell Gardens
Shaw Cross Chidswell Lane Windsor Rd
Shaw Cross Windsor Rd Owl Lane
Shaw Cross Owl Lane Dewsbury Rams Stadium
Shaw Cross John Ormsby Way Leeds Rd
Hanging Heaton High Street Rathlin Rd
Hanging Heaton High Street Kirkgate
Hanging Heaton High Street Highgate St
Hanging Heaton High St Mill Lane
Hanging Heaton Commonside Nursery Wood Road
Hanging Heaton Commonside Bromley Street
Hanging Heaton Commonside Jack Lane
Crackenedge Lane Caulms Wood Rd
Dewsbury Crackenedge Lane
Dewsbury Bus Station stand 9

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Map data ©2021
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