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20 Derby to Roosevelt Avenue

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Derby Bus Station
Chaddesden Roosevelt Avenue
Chaddesden Winslow Green
Chaddesden Chesapeake Road
Chaddesden Grant Avenue
Chaddesden Newhaven Road
Chaddesden Parkside Road
Chaddesden Trenton Green
Chaddesden Tennessee Road
Chaddesden Appleton Close
Chaddesden Rainier Drive
Chaddesden Maine Drive
Chaddesden Lane
Chaddesden Sherwood Avenue
Chaddesden Arridge Road
Chaddesden Hanbury Road
Chaddesden Highfield Lane
Chaddesden Nottingham Road Cemetery
Chaddesden Cornwall Road
Chaddesden Wayzgoose Drive
Derby Eastgate
Derby Bus Station