Bus route

2 from Barwell Brockey Close to Hinckley The Crescent Bus Station
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Hinckley The Crescent Bus Station
Barwell Brockey Close
Barwell Kingsfield Road
Barwell Red Hall Road
Barwell Moore Road
Earl Shilton Moore Road
Barwell The Drive
Barwell Byron Street
Barwell Bradgate Road
Barwell Charnwood Road
Barwell Elwell Avenue
Barwell Bardon Road
Barwell Berrywell Drive
Barwell Sports Club
Barwell Arthur Street
Barwell East Green
Barwell Church Lane
Barwell Garner Close
Barwell Carr's Hill
Hinckley Leicester Road
Hinckley Golf Club
Hinckley Laneside Drive
Hinckley Ribblesdale Avenue
Hinckley ASDA
Hinckley Ashby Road
Hinckley Netherley Court
Hinckley Middlefield Place
Hinckley Radmore Road
Hinckley St Francis Close
Hinckley Richmond Road
Hinckley Alexander Gardens
Hinckley Brame Road
Hinckley Clivesway
Hinckley Police Station
Hinckley Union Inn
Hinckley Regent Street
Hinckley The Crescent Bus Station

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