Bus route and timetables

197 Crofton to South Elmsall

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Ryhill Brier Lane Green Well
South Elmsall Broad Lane Vickers Ave
South Elmsall Broad Lane Beech St
South Elmsall Lime Crescent
South Elmsall Beech Street Vickers Ave
South Elmsall Beech Street
South Elmsall Beech Street South Ave
South Elmsall North Avenue Chestnut St
South Elmsall Westfield Lane Central Ave
South Elmsall Westfield Lane Victor St
South Elmsall Westfield Lane Carlton Rd
South Elmsall Bus Station stand B
South Elmsall Barnsley Rd Fire Station
South Elmsall Little Lane Allott Close
South Elmsall Little Lane Beaumont Ave
Moorthorpe Minsthorpe Lane Cambridge St
Moorthorpe Minsthorpe Ln Longdale Drive
Moorthorpe Minsthorpe Lane Ings Walk
South Kirkby Barnsley Road Lydgate Rise
South Kirkby Barnsley Road The Green
South Kirkby Church House PH
South Kirkby Stockingate Park Estate
South Kirkby Stockingate Mayfields Way
South Kirkby Stockingate Millars Walk
South Kirkby Common Rd Mill Close
South Kirkby Common Road Burns Ave
South Kirkby Common Road Hill Top Estate
Hemsworth Southmoor Rd Ashfield Road
Southmoor Rd Hemsworth Market
Hemsworth Bus Station stand E
Hemsworth Wakefield Rd Lodge Street
Hemsworth Wakefield Road Vale Head Park
Kinsley Water Park
Wakefield Road Kinsley Stadium
Kinsley Wakefield Rd Morris Close
Kinsley Wakefield Rd Farmfield Drive
Wakefield Road Fitzwilliam Station
Fitzwilliam Wakefield Rd Railway Terrace
Fitzwilliam Newstead Ln Carr Lane
Newstead Lane Newstead Grange
Newstead Brooklands Crescent Cow Lane
Newstead Brooklands Crescent Cow Lane
Newstead Upper Hatfield Place
Newstead Cow Lane East St
Havercroft Cow Lane West St
Havercroft Cow Lane Madeley Rd
Ryhill Cow Ln Mulberry Place
Ryhill Cow Lane Mill Ln
Ryhill Brier Lane Green Well

Map data ©2021
Map data ©2021
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Map data ©2021