Bus route and timetables

184 Castleford to Pontefract

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Castleford Bus Station stand G
Pontefract Bus Station stand F
Pontefract Skinner Lane Northgate Lodge
Monkhill Skinner Ln Princess Drive
Monkhill De Lacy Way
Monkhill Avenue Skinner Ln
Monkhill Avenue
Monkhill Drive
Monkhill Lane Lady Balk Ln
Monkhill Lane Willowdene Ln
Monkhill Castlebar
Pontefract Spittal Hardwick Lane Ridgedale Mount
Pontefract Spittal Hardwick Ln Fairy Hill Lane
Townville Spittal Hardwick Lane Gipsy Ln
Townville Spittal Hardwick Lane Park View
Townville Fryston Road Redhill Dr
Townville Fryston Rd Airedale Road
Airedale Fryston Rd Milnes Grove
Airedale Fryston Road Kershaw Ave
Airedale The Square
Airedale Stansfield Rd Royds Avenue
Airedale Stansfield Rd Ings View
Airedale Stansfield Rd Swale Drive
Airedale Stansfield Rd Stansfield Close
Castleford Wheldon Rd Old Rail Bridge
Castleford Wheldon Road Smith St
Castleford Wheldon Rd Princess Street
Castleford The Garden House PH
Castleford Aire Street
Castleford Bank Street
Castleford Bus Station stand G