Bus route and timetables

177 Castleford to Pontefract

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Castleford Bus Station stand D
Pontefract Bus Station stand H
Pontefract Southgate General Hospital
Pontefract Southgate Jubilee Way
Pontefract Wakefield Rd Beechwood Avenue
Pontefract Halfpenny Lane Camp Mount
Pontefract Halfpenny Ln Ryder Close
Pontefract Halfpenny Lane St Giles Ave
Pontefract Minden Close Halfpenny Lane
Pontefract Love Lane St Oswalds Ave
Pontefract Beechwood Avenue Beechwood
Pontefract Wakefield Rd Kings Mead
Pontefract Wakefield Rd Queens Avenue
Purston Jaglin Osgoldcross Crematorium
Purston Jaglin Pontefract Road Monkroyd Cottage
Purston Jaglin Pontefract Rd Houndhill Lane
Purston Jaglin Pontefract Road Sports Centre
Featherstone Pontefract Rd Little Lane
Featherstone Pontefract Rd Ackworth Road
Featherstone Pontefract Road
Featherstone Wakefield Road
Featherstone Wakefield Rd Lister Road
Featherstone Wentworth Rd Hillcrest Avenue
Featherstone Wentworth Road New Priory
Featherstone Wentworth Rd Southfield Avenue
Featherstone Priory Rd Huntwick Drive
Featherstone Priory Rd Hardwick Road
Featherstone Priory Rd Girnhill Lane
Featherstone Station Lane
Station Lane Featherstone Station
Featherstone Station Lane Cedar Walk
Featherstone Green Ln Market Street
Featherstone Lane Dickinson Ter
Featherstone Lane Dixon St
North Featherstone Featherstone Ln Carlton Street
North Featherstone Featherstone Lane Highfield Close
North Featherstone Willow Lane Willow Garth
North Featherstone Church Lane
North Featherstone Cutsyke Road Cemetery
Cutsyke Road Castleford Ln
Cutsyke Rd Blenheim Way
Cutsyke Aketon Road WMC
Cutsyke Leeds Road Old School Ct
Cutsyke Leeds Rd Barnes Road
Glasshoughton Leeds Road Asda
Glasshoughton Leeds Rd Joffre Avenue
Castleford Lisheen Avenue Larch Court
Castleford Lisheen Avenue Thornhill Rd
Castleford Lisheen Ave Blands Close
Castleford Lisheen Avenue Parklands
Castleford Smawthorne Lane Lisheen Ave
Castleford Smawthorne Lane Smawthorne Ave
Castleford Beancroft Road Hugh St
Castleford Beancroft Road Cambridge St
Castleford Station Road
Castleford Bus Station stand D

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Map data ©2021
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