Bus route

167 from Castleford Bus Station stand F to Leeds Park Row
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Castleford Bus Station stand F
Castleford Bus Station stand K
Castleford Bank Street
Castleford Aire Street
Castleford Lock Lane Sports Centre
Allerton Bywater Allerton Ings
Allerton Bywater Letchmire Road
Allerton Bywater Station Terrace
Allerton Bywater Robinson Street
Allerton Bywater Ch
Allerton Bywater Manor Park Avenue
Allerton Bywater Blands Avenue
Allerton Bywater Westfield Grove
Allerton Bywater Ninevah Lane
Allerton Bywater King Edward Avenue
Great Preston Leeds Road Hollins Grove
Great Preston Bowers Row
Swillington Astley Lane Park Grove
Swillington Astley Lane Park Ave
Swillington Church
Swillington Wakefield Rd St Mary's Avenue
Swillington Wakefield Road Hill Crest
Wakefield Rd Swillington Lane
Swillington Wakefield Rd Jinny Moor Lane
Woodlesford Wakefield Rd Bullerthorpe Lane
Woodlesford Aberford Road Station Ln
Woodlesford Aberford Rd Airedale Rd
Woodlesford Midland St Claremount Street
Woodlesford Oulton Ln Ashleigh Gardens
Woodlesford Oulton Lane Holmsley Ln
Woodlesford Holmsley Lane Oulton Ln
Woodlesford North Lane
Woodlesford Holmsley Lane Gypsy Ln
John O'Gaunts Holmsley Ln Sixth Avenue
John O'Gaunts Park Lane
John O'Gaunts Cross Avenue
John O'Gaunts
Stourton Arla Foods
Stourton Royal Mail
Stourton Intermezzo Drive
Stourton Haigh Park Road
Stourton Ida Street
Stourton Pontefract Road Jct
Hunslet Thwaite Gate
Hunslet Low Rd Severn Road
Hunslet Balmoral Chase
Hunslet Church Street
Hunslet Stafford Street
Hunslet Whitehouse Street
Crown Point Brookfield Street
Crown Point LCC Printworks
Crown Point Road
Crown Point Road
Leeds City Centre Eastgate
Leeds City Centre The Headrow
Leeds City Centre The Headrow
Leeds Park Row
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