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158 Leicester to Nuneaton

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Nuneaton Bus Station
Leicester St Margaret's Bus Station
Leicester St Peter's Lane
Leicester Causeway Lane
Leicester St Nicholas Circle
West Bridge
West Bridge Tudor Road
West End Mostyn Street
Western Park Frampton Avenue
Western Park Dovelands School
Western Park Sunnycroft Road
Western Park
Braunstone Leisure Centre
Leicester Braunstone Way
Leicester Avery Hill
Leicester Wyatt Close
Leicester Forest East Braunstone Crossroads
Leicester Forest East Walsingham Crescent
Leicester Forest East Grange Avenue
Leicester Forest East Kings Drive
Leicester Forest East Red Cow
Leicester Forest East Warren Lane
Leicester Forest East Hinckley Road
Leicester Forest East Beggars Lane
Leicester Forest West Desford Crossroads
Leicester Forest West Kennels
Leicester Forest West Bulls Head
Leicester Forest West Thurlaston Turn
Earl Shilton Clickers Way
Earl Shilton Keats Lane
Earl Shilton Almeys Lane
Earl Shilton Library
Earl Shilton Mountfield Road
Earl Shilton New Street
Earl Shilton Field Way
Earl Shilton Belle Vue Road
Barwell Chesterfield Way
Barwell The Cedars
Barwell Hill Street
Barwell The Square
Barwell Church Lane
Barwell St Marys Avenue
Barwell Ashby Road
Barwell House Farm
Hinckley Community Hospital
Hinckley Ashby Grange
Hinckley Hangmans Lane
Hinckley Sunnyside
Hinckley Barrie Road
Hinckley Factory Road
Hinckley Well Lane
Hinckley Atkins Building
Hinckley The Crescent Bus Station
Hinckley Marchant Road
Hinckley Granville Road
Hinckley Brandon Road
Hinckley Rosemary Way
Hinckley King George's Way
Hinckley Beaumont Avenue
Hinckley Whitworth Avenue
Hinckley Maple Drive
Hinckley Harrowbrook Road
Hinckley Dodwells Road
Nuneaton Watling Street
Nuneaton The Long Shoot
Nuneaton The Long Shoot
Nuneaton Calendar Grove
Nuneaton Eastboro Way
Nuneaton Ensor Close
Nuneaton Tiverton Drive
Nuneaton North Warwickshire College
Nuneaton Windermere Avenue
Nuneaton Pallet Drive
Nuneaton Coniston Way
Nuneaton Coniston Way
Nuneaton Peake Avenue
Nuneaton St Nicolas Park Drive
Nuneaton Brookdale Road
Nuneaton North Warwickshire College
Nuneaton Ferndale Crescent
Nuneaton Higham Lane
Nuneaton Etone School
Nuneaton Bus Station

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