Bus route

15 from Coalville Marlborough Square to Ibstock St Denys Crescent
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Ibstock St Denys Crescent
Coalville Marlborough Square
Coalville Avenue Road
Coalville North Avenue
Hugglescote Fairfield Road
Hugglescote Post Office
Hugglescote Station Road
Hugglescote The Common
Ellistown Sherwood Close
Ellistown Bus Shelter
Ellistown Kendal Road
Ellistown Canning Way
Ibstock Sunnyside Garden Centre
Ibstock Brick
Ibstock Richmond Road
Ibstock Redlands Estate
Ibstock Victoria Road
Ibstock Leicester Road
Ibstock Penistone Street
Ibstock Football Ground
Ibstock Baptist Church
Ibstock Curzon Street
Ibstock The Palace
Ibstock Grange Road
Ibstock Post Office
Ibstock Poplar Farm
Ibstock The Crown Inn
Ibstock Melbourne Road
Ibstock St Denys Crescent

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