Bus route

128A from Dewsbury Bus Station to Wakefield City Centre Bus Station
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Wakefield City Centre Bus Station
Dewsbury Bus Station
Dewsbury Wilton St Link Road
Savile Town Savile Rd Mill Street East
Savile Town Savile Rd South Street
Savile Town Headfield Rd Pentland Road
Thornhill Lees Headfield Rd Bretton Street
Thornhill Lees Headfield Road Bretton St
Thornhill Lees Headfield Road Headfield View
Thornhill Lees Slaithwaite Rd Victoria Road
Thornhill Lees Station Road Thornhill Rail Bridge
Thornhill Lees Forge Lane Emerald Works
Thornhill Lees Forge Lane Centenary Squ
Thornhill Lees Ouzelwell Lane Blackers Ct
Thornhill Lees Ouzelwell Rd Ouzelwell Crescent
Thornhill Lees Ouzelwell Lane Ouzelwell Crescent
Thornhill Lees Ouzelwell Lane Blackers Ct
Thornhill Lees Lees Hall Rd King Edward Street
Thornhill Lees Lees Hall Rd Eyre Street
Thornhill Lees Post Office
Thornhill Lees Lees Hall Rd Ingham Road
Thornhill Lees Ingham Rd Slaithwaite Road
Thornhill Lees Slaithwaite Rd Thornhill Park Avenue
Thornhill Slaithwaite Rd Overthorpe Road
Thornhill The Common The Combs
Thornhill Church Lane Combs Rd
Thornhill Frank Lane Church Ln
Thornhill Frank Lne St Michaels Mount
Thornhill Chapel Lane Castle Mount
Thornhill Chapel Lane Overthorpe Park
Thornhill Edge Top Rd Cross Road
Thornhill Black Horse Inn
Thornhill Whitley Rd Foxroyd Lane
Thornhill Edge Top WMC
Thornhill Whitley Rd Old Chapel
Whitley Lower Whitley Rd Jacksons Lane
Whitley Lower Whitley Grange
Whitley Lower Quebec Farm
Whitley Lower The Woolpack Inn
Whitley Lower Whitley Rd Scopsley Lane
Whitley Lower Whitley Road Reservoir
Whitley Lower Whitley Terminus
Whitley Lower Clockroyd Farm
Grange Moor Wellfield Avenue
Grange Moor New Inn PH
Grange Moor Liley Ln Jubilee Way
Grange Moor Wakefield Rd Grange Lane
Overton New Rd Old Road
Overton Green Lane Crossfields
Overton Old Rd Green Lane
Overton Old Rd Ridge Road
Middlestown Old Rd Carr Lane
Cross Road Middlestown School
Middlestown New Road Little Bull PH
Middlestown New Rd Low Lane
Horbury Bridge New Rd Hostingley Lane
Horbury Bridge Bridge Road Netherton Ln
Horbury Bridge Bridge Rd Holyoake Terrace
Horbury Bridge Bridge Road Parklands Dr
Horbury Bridge Quarry Hill Hawkingcroft
Horbury Quarry Hill Southfield Lane
Horbury Highfield Rd Bank Street
Horbury High Street Queen St
Horbury New Road Twitch Hill
Horbury Primary School
Horbury Wakefield Rd Stannard Well Lane
Horbury Northfield Lane Benton Park
Lupset Horbury Rd Aysgarth Close
Lupset Hotel Horbury Road
Lupset Horbury Rd Cumbrian Way
Lupset Thornes Rd Horbury Road
Thornes Road The Mount
Thornes Road Gill Sike Rd
Thornes Road
Thornes Park Gates
Thornes Lane
Wakefield City Centre Bus Station

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