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122 Wakefield to Gawthorpe

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Wakefield City Centre Bus Station stand 5
Lupset Dacre Avenue Lindsey Ave
Lupset Dacre Avenue Lindsey Ave
Lupset Linsay Avenue Broadway
Lupset Lindsay Avenue Broadway
Gawthorpe Leeds Rd Pickering Lane
Gawthorpe High Street Zion St
Gawthorpe Swithenbank Street High St
Gawthorpe Swithenbank Avenue Lodge Hill Rd
Gawthorpe Swithenbank Avenue Bridle Pl
Ossett Church Street Fearnley Ave
Ossett Church Street Ashbrook Close
Ossett Church Street Field Ln
Ossett Bus Station stand B
Ossett Prospect Rd Illingworth Street
Ossett Queen Street Queens Cres
Ossett The Green Southdale Road
Ossett The Green Healey Road
Ossett The Green Manor Road
Ossett Manor Rd Greystones Drive
Ossett Spa Manor Rd Sowood Gardens
Ossett Spa Manor Rd Hope Street
Ossett Spa Manor Rd South Parade
Ossett Spa Manor Rd Teall Street
Ossett Teall St Manor Rd
Ossett Teall St Queens Drive
Ossett Queens Drive Teall St
Roundwood Queens Drive Wakefield Rd
Roundwood Wakefield Rd Queens Drive
Lupset Malt Shovel PH
Lupset Broadway Gargrave Place
Lupset Broadway Magdalene Road
Lupset Broadway Snapethorpe Gate
Lupset Waterton Rd Gissing Road
Lupset Waterton Rd Townley Road
Lupset Waterton Rd Chantry Road
Flanshaw George A Green Road Waterton Rd
Flanshaw George A Green Rd Haselden Road
Flanshaw Dewsbury Rd George A Green Rd
Flanshaw Dewsbury Road Waterton Rd
Flanshaw Dewsbury Road Whitehall St
Flanshaw Dewsbury Road Hanover St
Wakefield City Centre Westgate End Makin Street
Wakefield City Centre Westgate Ings Road
Wakefield City Centre Westgate
Wakefield City Centre Westgate
Wakefield City Centre Union Street
Wakefield City Centre Bus Station stand 5

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