Bus route and timetables

119/120 Batley to Wakefield via Ossett

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Wakefield City Centre Bus Station stand 4
Wakefield City Centre Kirkgate
Wakefield City Centre Kirkgate
Belle Isle Hepworth Gallery
Belle Isle Thornes Lane Wharf
Belle Isle Thornes Lane Tadman St
Thornes Lane Seymour St
Thornes Lane Field Ln
Thornes Lawefield Lane Park Ave
Thornes Lawefield Lane School
Thornes Lawefield Ln Park Grove Rd
Thornes Park Grove Rd Horbury Road
Flanshaw Horbury Road Cambridge St
Flanshaw Horbury Rd Cross Lane
Thornes Horbury Rd Gill Sike Road
Lupset Horbury Rd Thornbury Road
Lupset George A Green Rd Horbury Road
Lupset George A Green Rd Waterton Road
Lupset Waterton Rd Manor Haigh Road
Lupset Waterton Rd Townley Road
Lupset Waterton Rd Gissing Road
Lupset Broadway Waterton Road
Lupset Broadway St Georges Road
Lupset Broadway Aysgarth Drive
Lupset Horbury Rd Lennox Drive
Horbury Northfield Lane Benton Park
Northfield Ln Horbury Academy
Horbury Daw Ln Dudfleet Lane
Horbury Junction Millfield Road Castle View
Horbury Junction Calder Vale Road Millfield Rd
Horbury Junction Calder Vale Road Millfield Rd
Horbury Junction Millfield Road Castle View
Horbury Daw Ln Dudfleet Lane
Horbury Cluntergate Hallcroft Dr
Horbury Cluntergate Walker Lane
Horbury Twitch Hill High Street
Horbury Northgate Honley Square
Horbury Dovecote Lane Berrys Yard
Horbury Hall Cliffe Road Hall Cliffe Grove
Horbury Spring End Rd Hall Cliffe Road
Ossett Spa Spa Street Winfield Pl
Ossett Spa Spa St Manor Road
Ossett Teall St Manor Rd
Ossett Teall St Queens Drive
Ossett Queens Drive Hinchcliffe Ave
Ossett Broadowler Stores Broadacre Rd
Ossett Springwell Road Swincroft
Ossett New St Intake Lane
Ossett New St Prospect Road
Ossett Prospect Rd New Street
Ossett Bus Station stand E
Ossett Kingsway Dale Street
Ossett Kingsway Crownlands Lane
Ossett Kingsway Wilman Drive
Ossett Kingsway Holme Field
Ossett Kingsway Deneside
Ossett Kingsway Leeds Road
Ossett Dewsbury Road Ashleigh Gdns
Gawthorpe Bridle Place Swithenbank Ave
Gawthorpe Swithenbank Avenue Hillcrest Ave
Gawthorpe Swithenbank Street High St
Gawthorpe High Street Zion St
Gawthorpe Leeds Rd Pickering Lane
Gawthorpe Owl Lane Leeds Rd
Gawthorpe Owl Lane
Shaw Cross Dewsbury Rugby League Stadium
Shaw Cross Windsor Rd Owl Lane
Shaw Cross Windsor Rd Windsor Close
Shaw Cross Chidswell Lane Windsor Rd
Shaw Cross Chidswell Gardens
Shaw Cross Chidswell Ln Leeds Road
Shaw Cross Owl Lane Leeds Rd
Shaw Cross John Ormsby Way Leeds Rd
Hanging Heaton High Street Rathlin Rd
Hanging Heaton High Street Kirkgate
Hanging Heaton High Street Highgate St
Hanging Heaton High St Mill Lane
Batley Mill Lane New St
Batley Rouse Mill Lane Spurr St
Batley Bradford Rd Hick Lane
Batley Bradford Road Bridge St
Batley Bus Station stand F

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Map data ©2021
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