Bus route

110 from Hall Green Hollingthorpe Lane Hollingthorpe Court to Leeds City Centre Bus Stn
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Leeds City Centre Bus Stn
Hall Green Hollingthorpe Lane Hollingthorpe Court
Operated by Arriva
Hall Green Stoney Ln Copeworth Drive
Hall Green Stoney Lane Grenville Walk
Hall Green Painthorpe Ln Copeworth Drive
Hall Green Painthorpe Lane Jubilee St
Painthorpe Lane Haveroid Ln
Painthorpe Lane Daw Ln
Painthorpe Ln Garden Terrace
Painthorpe Woodmoor Drive
Crigglestone Cliff Road Painthorpe Ln
Crigglestone High Street Hollin Ln
Crigglestone Gardeners Arms
Crigglestone High Street Nursery School
Crigglestone Bull Lane Fishpond Ln
Kettlethorpe Fairbrook Road Handsworth Rd
Kettlethorpe Hendal Ln Fishpond Lane
Chapelthorpe Hendal Lane Wharncliffe Rd
Kettlethorpe Hendal Lane St Georges Mews
Hendal Lane Kettlethorpe Rd
Kettlethorpe Standbridge Lane Cubley Ave
Kettlethorpe High School
Sandal ASDA Car Park
Standbridge Ln Sandal Castle Med Centre
Sandal Barnsley Road Standbridge Ln
Sandal Milnthorpe Crescent
Sandal Barnsley Road Chevet Ln
Sandal Barnsley Road The Castle PH
Sandal Walton Lane End Castle Rd
Sandal Barnsley Rd Agbrigg Road
Agbrigg Barnsley Road Burkill St
Belle Isle Manygates House
Belle Isle Barnsley Rd Welbeck Street
Belle Isle Arriva Bus Depot
Belle Isle Barnsley Road Bus Depot
Belle Isle Hepworth Gallery
Wakefield City Centre Kirkgate
Wakefield City Centre Kirkgate
Wakefield City Centre The Springs
Wakefield City Centre Union Street
Wakefield City Centre Bus Station
Leeds Road St Johns North
St Johns Leeds Rd Kensington Road
Leeds Road Newton Bar
Newton Hill Leeds Rd Newton Close
Newton Hill Leeds Rd Red Hall Lane
Newton Hill Leeds Rd First Avenue
Newton Hill Leeds Road Moxon Grove
Outwood Leeds Rd Annie Street
Outwood Leeds Rd Bolus Lane
Outwood Leeds Rd Church Lane
Outwood Leeds Road Broadmeadows
Lofthouse Gate Leeds Road Philips Grove
Lofthouse Gate Leeds Rd Park Avenue
Lofthouse Leeds Rd Westgate Lane
Lofthouse Leeds Road Valentine Mews
Lofthouse Leeds Rd Church Farm Close
Lofthouse Leeds Rd Carlton Lane
Lofthouse Jumbles Lane
Lofthouse Leeds Road Fentonsgate
Lofthouse Leeds Rd Meadowgate Drive
Robin Hood Leeds Rd Pawson Street
Robin Hood Leeds Rd Sherwood Ind Est
Robin Hood Leeds Rd Halfway House PH
Robin Hood Wakefield Rd Sharp Lane
Robin Hood The Angel Inn
Robin Hood Wakefield Rd Middleton Lane
Robin Hood Wakefield Road Glebe Farm
Rothwell Wakefield Road Haigh Beck
Rothwell Wakefield Rd Wood Lane
Stourton Wakefield Road Leeds Valley Park
Stourton Wakefield Rd Queen Street
Stourton Wakefield Rd Pontefract Road
Hunslet Thwaite Gate
Hunslet Low Rd Severn Road
Hunslet Low Road Balmoral Chase
Hunslet Low Rd Church Street
Hunslet Stafford Street
Hunslet Road Pym St
Crown Point Hunslet Road Brookfield St
Crown Point Hunslet Road Chadwick St
Crown Point Road
Crown Point Road
Leeds City Centre Bus Stn