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104 Leicester to Thorpe Astley

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Leicester Savoy Street
Thorpe Astley Isobella Road
Thorpe Astley Tuffleys Way
Thorpe Astley Bromwich Close
Thorpe Astley Smart Close
Thorpe Astley Sherrard Way
Thorpe Astley Owen Close
Braunstone Royal Mail
Braunstone Tiber Way
Braunstone Meridian East
Braunstone Emerson
Braunstone Fire Station
Fosse Park ASDA
Fosse Park M&S
Braunstone Cottage Farm Close
Braunstone Millfield Crescent
Braunstone Farmway
Braunstone Watergate Lane
Braunstone Pinfold
Braunstone Willow Court
Braunstone Winstanley Arms
Braunstone Gayhurst Close
Braunstone St Crispin's Church
Braunstone Fernhurst Road
Braunstone Welcombe Avenue
Braunstone Shottery Avenue
Braunstone Hathaway Avenue
Braunstone Avenue
Leicester Hallam Crescent East
Leicester New Fields Avenue
Leicester Folville Rise
Leicester Fulhurst Avenue
West End Harlaxton Street
Leicester Imperial Avenue
West End Beaconsfield Road
West End Westcotes Drive
West End Fosse Road
West Bridge Narborough Road
West Bridge Foxon Street
West Bridge New Park Street
West Bridge
Leicester St Nicholas Circle
Leicester Causeway Lane
Leicester St Peter's Lane
Leicester Humberstone Gate
Leicester Savoy Street