Bus route and timetables

103/103A Stanley to Wakefield

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Wakefield City Centre Bus Station stand 19
Wakefield City Centre Bus Station stand 18
Wakefield City Centre Rishworth Street
St John's Wentworth Street Girls High School
St John's Wentworth Street St Johns North
St John's St Johns Mount Cyprus Street
St John's Melbourne Rd Cyprus Avenue
St John's Melbourne Road Cyprus Grove
Newton Bar Melbourne Rd Bradford Road
Newton Bar Bradford Rd Whitehall Crescent
Newton Bar Bradford Road Fox Ln
Newton Bar Bradford Rd Whitegates Close
Wrenthorpe Rd Coronation Street
Wrenthorpe Rd Valley Drive
Wrenthorpe Pot Oil Inn
Wrenthorpe Rd Rishworth Close
Wrenthorpe Rd Dean Close
Wrenthorpe Rd Melbourne Avenue
Wrenthorpe Potovens Lane Bradford Rd
Wrenthorpe Potovens Ln Thompson Drive
Carr Gate Potovens Lane Wakefield 41 Business Park
Outwood Potovens Lane Newstead Ave
Outwood Potovens Lane Ledger Ln
Outwood Lingwell Gate Drive
Outwood Lingwell Gate Court
Outwood Lingwell Gate Ln Virginia Drive
Carr Gate Kenmore Rd Lingwell Gate Lane
Carr Gate Kenmore Rd Telford Way
Carr Gate Kenmore Rd Stephenson Way
Outwood 41 Industrial Park