Bus route

1 from Stevenage Bus Station to Poplars Sainsbury's
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Poplars Sainsbury's
Stevenage Bus Station
Stevenage ASDA
Stevenage Rockingham Way
Shephall Way
Chells Marlborough Road
Chells The Squirrel PH
Chells Warwick Road
Chells The Glebe Centre
Chells Hudson Road
Chells Chepstow Close
Chells Fortuna Close
Chells Emperors Gate
Chells Uplands
Chells Downlands
Chells The Pastures
Chells Sweyns Mead
Chells Harvest Lane
Chells Downlands
Chells The White Way
Chells Lanterns Lane
Poplars Edmonds Drive
Poplars Centre
Poplars Sainsbury's