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Bus route

1 from Blyth Bus Station to Widdrington Station Turning circle

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Widdrington Station Turning circle
Blyth Bus Station
Blyth Regent Street south end
Blyth Regent Street north end
North Farm Hodgson's Road
North Farm South Quay nursing home
North Farm Fire Station
Cowpen Crematorium
Cowpen Community Centre
Cowpen Shops
Cowpen Briardale Road west end
Cowpen Blyth Community College
Cowpen Weardale Avenue
Kitty Brewster Bebside Middle School
Bebside Interchange
Bedlington Station St John's Road
Bedlington Station Station Street
Bedlington Station Welwyn Factory
Bedlington Station Red Row
Bomarsund Earth Balance
Bomarsund Thornley Terrace
Stakeford Highways depot
Stakeford Lord Barrington
Stakeford Half Moon
Elephant North Seaton crossing
Elephant Public House
Ashington College Seventh Avenue
Ashington College Fifth Avenue
Ashington North Seaton Rd north end
Ashington Bus Station
Ashington Bus Station
Ashington Hawthorn Road Top
Ashington Alexandra Road Top
Wansbeck Hospital Tweed Street
Wansbeck Hospital Aged Miners' Homes
Wansbeck Hospital St Lukes Close
Wansbeck Hospital Main Entrance
Wansbeck Hospital Woodhorn Villas
Wansbeck Hospital Main Entrance
Woodhorn Crossroads
Lynemouth Power Station Main Entrance
Lynemouth Power Station North Entrance
Lynemouth Resource Centre
Lynemouth Post Office
Lynemouth Fenham Road
Lynemouth Colliery Tavern
Ellington Former Colliery
Ellington Library
Ellington Cresswell Road
Ellington Windmill Hill
Ellington Windmill Heights
Cresswell Sawmill
Cresswell Towers holiday park
Cresswell Crows Nest
Cresswell Towers holiday park
Cresswell Sawmill
Ellington Windmill Heights
Ellington Windmill Hill
Ellington Cresswell Road
Ellington Plough
Ellington Hagg House Farm
Widdrington Station Ramsey
Widdrington Station Old Ferneybeds Road
Widdrington Station Mile Road
Widdrington Station Station Mews
Widdrington Station Wooderfield
Widdrington Station Community Centre
Widdrington Station Turning circle