About the App

Two sorts of bus stop
  • Timing points are main bus stops along the route. Buses must not leave them before the time published in the printed timetable.
  • Intermediate bus stops are those between the timing points. Times quoted for these stops will be our best estimates.
Trip Planner

Plan how to get from A to B, from where you are or a point you choose. Use postcodes, bus stop names, bus stop codes or place names. Choose your departure time or desired arrival time. See where to walk for the right stop and a choice of times. See earlier or later. See your journey on a map or on satellite view, and zoom in to see what your bus stop looks like.

Live Map

‘Predicted’ location uses the best information available at that time to forecast where the bus is, whilst ‘last known location’ shows the position of the bus using the last report received. Default to your current location, or choose any starting point. See a map of your route and the buses actually moving along the route. Grey markers show buses’ scheduled times. Blue markers show buses in real time. Click on the bus marker to see current location and eta at the next stops along the route. See a countdown till it gets to you. Once you’re on board, see a countdown of how many stops before you need to get off.

Bus Times

Defaults to ‘today’ and your current location, or choose a different bus stop to start from, and see the time of the next bus. Choose desired departure or arrive-by times, which routes and see timetable information and route maps. Save favourite stops for future use.


Link to the Arriva m-ticket app to buy money-saving Saver tickets your mobile phone.

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