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We want to tackle loneliness and bring communities together by highlighting some of the brilliant groups across Beds and Bucks

We believe these centres and groups are at the very heart of their local communities, and the wonderful people supporting them are doing amazing things to bring local people together.

Here, we’ll look into some fantastic centres and groups doing great things in Beds and Bucks. So, whether you’re looking for a new hobby, a fun day out, or would really like someone to talk to, our guide might have exactly the right centre or group for you.

From support centres for women, to community activity groups for retirees, we have found a range of valuable activity centres and groups – providing excellent services for the people of Beds and Bucks. We hope this list will help everyone in Beds and Bucks who may be feeling cut-off or lonely find the support, community and friendship they need.

To help you get to these great community centres and groups, we have provided a website address, map entry and Arriva bus route for each. All of these great centres and groups can be reached by hopping on one of our buses.

Please use the information below to discover more about these fantastic regional classes, activity centres and support groups.

Hart Hill Nursery School


Help your child enjoy a great start to their school life with the help of the Family Workers at Hart Hill Nursery School. Providing expert support for parents and kids alike, the school aims to make the transition into nursery as simple as possible.

Offering child-specific support, your Family Worker will address areas where your child may need a little bit of assistance and develop plans so they can thrive.

You’ll also be given greater insight into what you should be looking for in your child’s development, so you have a clearer set of signposts as they grow. Your Family Worker can also introduce you to the Five to Thrive initiative, a series of key messages which help support positive parenting.

Family Activities at Hart Hill Nursery School offers a wide range of different services and classes, from cooking sessions to baby massage and Stay and Play sessions. So, if you want to chat with other new parents or enjoy an afternoon of craft activities with your child, Family Activities at Hart Hill Nursery School is a fantastic place to go in your community.

Find it on Google Maps: Hart Hill Nursery School

Find out more on the website: Hart Hill Nursery School 

Catch the bus: 13 Luton and Somerset Avenue

Luton All Women’s Centre


Supporting women and girls living in Luton who face any type of disadvantage or inequality, the Luton All Women’s Centre provides help, guidance and assistance for those suffering violence and abuse. A specialist team provides this advice and can offer a range of helpful services including interventions. The Luton All Women’s Centre will work with women and girls in the long term, with the ambition of improving their overall quality of life in the immediate future and coming years.

One-to-one counselling services, mental health support and group sessions are all available, as are specific courses for women who are suffering in forced marriages or are the victims of honour-based violence. This robust and extensive list of services means that the Luton All Women’s Centre can tailor a package to the specific person who needs their help.

The group sessions can also help the women and girls of Luton find others who may be suffering from similar problems, creating a support network and building bonds. These group sessions can take the form of specific workshops or just recreational activities, helping attendees work through any issues they have, or just have a little downtime and relax.

Find it on Google Maps: Luton All Women’s Centre

Find out more on the website: Luton All Women’s Centre

Catch the bus: 1 Luton To Farley Hill4 Luton To Farley Hill

Aylesbury Multicultural Centre


At the heart of Aylesbury’s diverse community, the Multicultural Centre aims to bring everyone together in a safe and supportive environment. The centre is home to seven meeting rooms and a large events hall, where a number of different groups congregate to worship, seek support, partake in classes or just get together.

Located close to the town centre, and on the X8 Aylesbury to Oxford bus route, the Multicultural Centre is the ideal place for you to hold your next event or congregation. Current events range from Black Dragon Martial Arts to the Elderly West Indian Lunch Club – demonstrating the versatility of the centre.

New events and groups are being added all the time, so be sure to check up on the link below to discover if there’s something you’d really like to attend at Aylesbury Multicultural Centre.

Find it on Google Maps: Aylesbury Multicultural Centre

Find out more on the website: Aylesbury Multicultural Centre

Catch the bus: 280 Sapphire Aylesbury to Oxford

Bucks County Museum


Intriguing and delighting Bucks and beyond since the mid-19th century, the Bucks County Museum has long showcased interesting exhibitions and hosted great activities. First opened by the Bucks Archaeological Society, the museum works to tell the historical tale of the beautiful county of Bucks.

Despite its long and storied past, the museum always has one eye on the future and its main objective today is to represent all parts of the Bucks community. With exhibitions and stories from the local Hindu, LGBTQ, disabled and Muslim communities, the museum hopes to build a more connected and better represented Bucks.

And, to really represent the locals that it serves, the museum actively encourages the communities of Bucks to donate their stories and objects to the exhibitions and gallery space. It’s this continuously evolving approach to storytelling that keeps the Bucks County Museum relevant and a truly inspiring place for every local to visit.

Find it on Google Maps: Bucks County Museum

Find out more on the website: Bucks County Museum

Catch the bus: X60 Aylesbury to Milton Keynes

Active Luton – Full of Life Club and Active Retired Club


Designed to keep everyone in Luton active, fit and having fun; Active Luton organises a variety of sporting clubs and activities across a range of different sites. From health centres and educational services to keep-fit classes for retirees, Active Luton does it all. Partnering with Sport England, the Stroke Association and Age Concern Luton amongst many others, the organisation has the community’s best interests at heart, and goes the extra mile to help everyone in Luton.

The organisation is supported by a series of amazing individuals who are keen to offer opportunities to Luton residents of all ages and backgrounds – keeping them active, engaged and healthy.

Two of Active Luton’s fantastic programmes are the Full of Life club and Active Retired club, boasting an array of different activities, from line dancing and walking football to table tennis and keep fit. 

Active Luton takes place in a selection of different venues across the town, so be sure to check out the full details in the link below and make sure you don’t miss out on your favourite activity or class.

Retired Club

Find it on Google Maps: Active Luton Retired Club

Find out more on the website: Active Luton Retired Club

Catch the bus: 100 Luton to Stevenage | 101 Luton to Stevenage

Full of Life Club

Find it on Google Maps: Active Luton Full of Life Club

Find out more on the website: Active Luton Full of Life Club

Catch the bus: 100 Luton to Stevenage | 101 Luton to Stevenage

Please note – the information listed is for guidance only, and we’d recommend visiting the website of the group you wish to attend for group-specific information, such as rules of attendance and up-to-date location information.

We hope the above has helped you find a regional class, activity centre or support group to help you, and has provided all the information you require.

We’re keen to continue adding to this list of brilliant community groups and arts centres, with more fantastic places throughout Beds and Bucks. If you’re a member of a great community group in Beds and Bucks and want us to know about it, please contact us on [email protected].

To find out more about loneliness and social isolation, head back to our main feature page, here.

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