Commute by bus

When you spend a pretty big chunk of your day travelling to and from work, you want everything going to make it as painless as possible!

Bus benefits...
  • someone else can concentrate on the road while you can sit back and relax... read a book, grab an extra 40 winks, keep up to date on social, put a dent in the email backlog or just watch the world go by
  • no worries about finding somewhere to park
  • no lost time because you need to stop for petrol


How it hits your pocket is going to be pretty important too...

With Arriva Weekly and 4-Weekly Saver tickets you can enjoy unlimited travel in your chosen ticket zone for the period specified. So that's more than just work trips covered. Go for a drink with your mates, without worrying about the drive home. Shopping. The gym. The cinema. All with the same ticket.

Do the maths yourself... tot up what you spend on parking and fuel and compare it with the cost of our Weekly and 4-Weekly Saver tickets. We think you'll be surprised.

Weekly and 4-Weekly Saver prices

Zone Check ticket zone map Weekly Saver ticket price 4-Weekly Saver ticket price 4-Weekly equivalent price per day Buy now
All Zones Shires View  map


(£95 from drivers)

£3.21  Buy now
Bishop's Stortford View map
£18.00 £62 £2.21  Buy now
Colchester View map
£14.50 £50 £1.79  Buy now
Essex and Stortford View map
£25.00 £84 £3.00 Buy now
Harlow View map
£13.50 £48 £1.71  Buy now
Harlow and Epping   £17.80 £61


Available on Arriva m-ticket app only
Hemel Rider View map


£2.21 Buy now
Lea Valley View map


(£65 from drivers)

£2.14 Buy now
North Herts View map
£18.00 £63 £2.25 Buy now
North Herts Plus View map
£22.00 £77 £2.75 Buy now
Southend  View map


(£15 from drivers)


(£48 from drivers)

£1.68 Buy now
Stevenage View map
£16.00 £55 £1.96 Buy now
Waltham Abbey View map
£15.00 £50 £1.79 Buy now
Watford View map
£15.00 £53 £1.89 Buy now
Welwyn and Hatfield View map
£18.00 £65 £2.32 Buy now
West Herts View map


(£85 from drivers)

£2.93 Buy now

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