Employer Travel Club Terms and Conditions - Midlands and Beds and Bucks

Employer Travel Club (ETC) and Club Member's Travel Scheme (CMTS) 'Pay Monthly' terms and conditions

  • This scheme is valid for passengers travelling on Arriva buses, and tickets are valid in the chosen travel zone only
  • The cost of an annual ticket is divided by 12 and your monthly Direct Debit (DD) payment is based on that calculation
  • DD payments are taken on the 1st or 15th of each month, dependant on date of application
  • Your payment will remain the same each month unless we notify otherwise
  • For payments on the 1st your tickets will be dispatched thereafter and commence on 12th of the month
  • For payments on the 15th your tickets will be dispatched thereafter and commence on 27th of each month
  • Dependent on your payment date your monthly ticket will expire at midnight on the 11th or 26th of the following month
  • Your next ticket will automatically be sent directly to your home or registered m-ticket app before the current expires
  • Tickets will continue to be sent on a rolling monthly and yearly basis until such time as you choose to cancel your DD
  • If your DD Payment fails you will not receive a ticket for the following month
  • If your DD payment fails for two consecutive months your account may expire and no further tickets will be sent
  • This is a rolling monthly contract, to stop your ticket you must cancel your DD payment directly with your bank/building society
  • Arriva Midlands Ltd will not accept responsibility for cancelling direct debits
  • Please note, cancellation of a DD can require 7 to 10 working days’ notice with some banks/building societies
  • If your payment is due to be taken within your banks required notice period (and you have requested your direct debit to be cancelled too late), your ticket will still be sent to you and cannot be refunded
  • We do not accept used/unused/unwanted tickets and NO refunds will be given
  • Please report lost tickets to [email protected]  immediately, a replacement ticket will be sent to you and a fee of £15 will be added to your next direct debit

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