Arriva m-ticket app Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Where can I use m-ticket?

A – You can use m-tickets on Arriva bus services throughout the UK, except Transport for London services. They can be used on Colchester Park and Ride services but not on Park and Ride buses in any other places.

Q – Can the system be operated using Apple/Android based phones?

A - Yes, m-ticket can be used with all iPhone (using iOS version 9 or later) and Android (using Android version 5 or later) handsets. iPhone users can simply download the free m-ticket application from their 'App Store' or iTunes, whilst Android users can do likewise from 'Google Play' by searching for 'Arriva' or 'm-ticket'.

Q – Can the system be operated using Windows phones?

A – There are no current plans to develop a Windows version of the app, but we will monitor customer demand and react accordingly.

Q – Can I use the m-ticket app if I’m using a non-standard operating system on my phone (‘rooted’, ‘hacked’ or ‘jailbroken’ phones)?

A – No, we do not support devices that have been ‘rooted’, and use non-standard operating systems. We recommend that you uninstall any such operating system if you wish to use the Arriva m-ticket app.

Q – Does it matter what mobile network I am on?

A – No, it doesn’t matter which mobile network you use. The m-ticket application can be used across all mobile networks.

Q – Does it matter what handset or operating system I'm using?

A – You'll need to be using a fairly recent phone (within the last 3-4 years) and to be on at least iOS version 9 for iPhone, or Android version 5. If not, you'll need to upgrade if you wish to use the app.

Q – How do I get m-ticket?

A – It's easy. Just download the m-ticket app from the relevant app store. Once you have downloaded the app, register your details and you’re good to go.

Q – OK, so I have downloaded the application to my handset. What do I do next?

A – Once you have downloaded the app to your handset you will need to register your account details and then you’re ready to purchase your ticket. To do this, open up the m-ticket app and select ‘Buy Tickets’ option (green button at the bottom of the screen). You will need to enter your region (only the first time of use), and you can choose the zone relevant for you.

Please note that just by downloading the application you have not actually bought a ticket, and no money has been taken from your account. It is only when you actually purchase a ticket that you will be charged.

Q – What type of tickets can I purchase?

A – You can purchase the full range of adult Day, Weekly, 4-Weekly and Annual Saver tickets where available from Arriva throughout the UK. Student and child versions are also available in most areas.

Q – Can I check the price of the ticket I want before actually purchasing it?

A – Yes. Select the 'Buy Tickets' option and enter the region (if not previously selected) and zone of the ticket you require. The app will display the price of the tickets available on the screen. To buy the ticket, either select ‘Buy now’, (or if you require more than one ticket, please select ‘Buy multiple tickets’), otherwise navigate back to the home page using the left arrow in the top left hand screen.

Q – How can I be sure that someone can’t ‘hack’ into the information on my phone?

A – The application is built to mitigate any risk from potential 'hackers'. All sensitive information is stored in an encrypted form and transmitted as an encrypted message. The application uses a highly secure AES 256 bit encryption standard for this purpose. Furthermore the application has been built with PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standards) in mind, and credit card details are never stored on the phone.

Q – Will my credit card/bank account details be held on Arriva’s server?

A – No, Arriva does not hold any credit/debit card details. At the point of purchase, a secure tunnel to the card processing company's servers is created and the card details are entered directly onto the PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standards) servers. Arriva does not store credit/debit card details on either our servers or within the application.

Q - What if I purchase a ticket, but decide not to travel?

A – The actual m-ticket will only commence when you want it to (by activating the m-ticket). If you don’t wish to travel yet, you can still see the ticket within the ‘Available tickets’ section. At this stage, the ticket will not have been activated yet, but it affords you peace of mind that you have a ticket at the ready for when you need it.

Q – So can I store my m-ticket on my phone until I need it then?

A – Yes. The actual m-ticket will only commence when you want it to (by activating the m-ticket).

Q – Can I buy a ticket in advance?

A – Yes. Since the ticket is not activated until you select 'Activate', you can decide when the start will be.

Q – Where do I find the option to gift a ticket?

A – At the checkout, tap the box that reads ‘Buying tickets for myself’. An option box will appear that will read ‘Buying tickets for myself’ and ‘Buying tickets for someone else’. Select ‘Buying tickets for someone else’ if you wish to gift.

Q – What if I gift a ticket but the link disappears or is accidentally deleted?

A – When gifting tickets through email, SMS, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter or Facebook, the app creates a ticket link that you can send to your chosen recipient, who can then access the ticket by clicking on the link from their phone. Please note that once the ticket link is created, the ticket is removed from your app. A copy of the link is also sent to your email, so in the event that the link is mistakenly deleted or disappears, the link will still be available on your email so that you can re-send to your chosen recipient.

Q – I shared my ticket to a WhatsApp group, can it be used by more than one person in the group?

A – Where a link is shared in a wider forum such as a WhatsApp group or on Twitter, the ticket is available on a first come first served basis and can only be redeemed once.

Q – What if I buy the wrong ticket by accident? Can I get a refund?

A – No problem. If you buy the wrong ticket by mistake, contact us (either via Live Chat or email at [email protected]) and we can delete the ticket from the system and refund the ticket for you, so you can then go back into the application and purchase the correct ticket that you require.

Q – How do I activate my m-ticket?

A – To activate a ticket simply select the ticket you wish to use within the ‘Available tickets’ section, and then press the green ‘Activate’ button. Upon activation you will be asked to confirm ‘Are you sure?’ which gives you the option to back out in case you have gone into the wrong ticket or have pressed ‘Activate’ by mistake. Once the ticket has been activated it becomes valid from that moment, so a day ticket will be valid for that day only, a weekly ticket for activation date + 6 days, and a 4-weekly ticket for activation date + 27 days. Please note that your ticket is automatically removed from your active ticket list, but you can view in your ‘Expired’ section, which is useful for re-ordering quickly. Whenever you need to use the ticket, simply tap on the ticket within the ‘Active tickets’ section at the top of the screen, and the ticket will be displayed on your screen.

Q – My ticket has not arrived/disappeared, what should I do?

A – In some cases you may need to re-connect your handset to our back office. For Android users this can be done by selecting the three vertical dots dots in the top right-hand corner of the home dashboard and selecting refresh. For iPhone users, simply navigate to a different screen within the app, and then return, which will effect a refresh.

Q – Do I need to connect to the Internet each time I use my ticket?

A –No, once you have your ticket, the ticket is stored on the phone ready for use (the ticket is even available if you turn your handset into ‘flight’ mode). An internet connection is however required at the point when you search and purchase your ticket. We suggest that you purchase prior to travel, for example at home, where you are likely to have a good Wi-Fi or 3G signal. Arriva is introducing free WiFi onto more and more services, and most routes have decent data coverage, but there may be 'blackspots' in some remote areas.

Q – What do I need to do when I board the bus?

A – You need to ensure that you have activated the ticket you wish to use for your journey and that it is displayed on your screen. There is no need to worry about the ticket screen ‘timing-out’, simply show the ticket to the driver when boarding the bus. Once on board, we suggest you close your ticket display to conserve battery life.

Q - What if my mobile phone battery has run out when I board the bus?

A – Your mobile phone must be able to display the ticket on your phone screen to show the driver when boarding the bus. If your phone battery is dead when you board the bus, you will be unable to retrieve your mobile ticket, and you will have to pay the driver for the journey you wish to make, and this fare is non-refundable.

Q – Can I purchase multiple tickets?

A – Yes, if you need to purchase for example three day tickets for the following week, that’s fine, just make sure that you only activate each ticket when you need it.

Q – If I have multiple tickets on my handset how will I know which have been activated?

A – You will know which tickets have been activated, since they will be stored within the ‘Active tickets’ section, whilst those tickets not activated yet will be stored within the ‘Available tickets’ section. If you select an unactivated ticket by mistake, you will be prompted with the question ‘Are you sure?’ before deciding whether to proceed.

Q – Can more than one customer travel on one m-ticket?

A – No. Only one person can travel per m-ticket on each handset. If there is more than one person travelling, each person should have an m-ticket on each mobile phone. The only exception is for Family tickets where up to 5 people (maximum of 2 adults, and up to 3 children) can travel together in some areas, and on some special promotional tickets.

Q – What if I lose my phone?

A – Then you won’t be able to travel using an m-ticket, so try not to! Your phone is essentially your wallet, but remember that nobody else can purchase m-tickets using your phone unless they know your account and your payment password details. If you get a new phone we can transfer your existing tickets providing you have downloaded the app to the new phone, and logged in with your email and password, and then contact us (either via Live Chat or email at [email protected])

Q – What happens when I upgrade my phone/get a new handset?

A – If you upgrade your phone but keep the same number, please contact us (either via Live Chat or email at [email protected]) and we can transfer your existing tickets providing you have downloaded the app to the new phone, and logged in with your email aand password.

Q – What if I change my phone number?

A – If you change your mobile number you will need to re-register with the new number. If you change your number whilst still having a valid ticket on your old number, please contact our Customer Service team and we can delete your old number and ticket from the system and push out a new ticket to your new number.

Q – I’ve not used my m-ticket - can I apply for a refund?

A – If you’ve not used your m-ticket, and would like a refund, then contact us (either via Live Chat or email at [email protected]), and we will be able to refund the value of the ticket back to your phone (we will need to know your mobile phone number). Please note that if you have used a proportion of your m-ticket, we are unable to process a refund.

Q - How do I change my credit/debit card details?

A – We do not store your credit/debit card details on the device or within our system. The details are encrypted by the payment provider and tokenised, which means we are unable to update as we do not have the original details. It's easy to add new card details or switch between different cards by selecting 'Change payment method', but if you wish to remove details completely, we suggest that you delete the account, and register again with the new details.

Q – I still need some help, who can I contact?

A – No problem, you can use our Live chat facility, email at [email protected] or call our customer service team on 0344 800 44 11 (8am until 6pm, Monday to Friday).