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No coins? No worries! Use contactless to pay for your next bus journey with Arriva’s awesome new payment system

We’ve introduced contactless payment across all our bus routes!

Hopping on a bus, paying for a ticket and getting where you need to go is now quicker and easier than ever. We’ve be fitted 3,500 buses with new equipment to make paying fares as quick as a flash of your card or phone.

We’ve all been in that unfortunate scenario, awkwardly fumbling through a handful of change, an ever-growing queue forming behind, only to realise that you’re short of the right amount. Now you’re dashing off to the nearest cashpoint and having to break a tenner. Not ideal is it?

Our contactless payment systems will put an end to these last-minute wallet woes. Simply breeze onto the bus, tap your method of payment on the reader by the driver’s ticket machine, sit down in your seat and enjoy the ride.

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What is contactless payment?

New to the world of paying by contactless? No problem. It’s about as easy as it gets, letting people make fast and secure payments on their card, along with contactless-ready devices, in one quick, simple touch.

For purchases costing £30 and under, it’s a popular way to pay, and is becoming more common not just on debit and credit cards, but the following devices too:

  • Wearable devices, such as watches and wristbands
  • Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets
  • Key fobs and stickers

You’ll probably have a contactless symbol on either the front or the back of your card. If so, you’ll be able to board the bus and pay in no time at all.

Any questions?

All your queries are answered on our FAQs page.