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We're phasing in improvements to our online shopping experience.

From Monday 20th August 2018 the following Arriva Connect smartcard ticket will be sold through our new online outlet.

STUDENT SAVER smartcard tickets for:
  • Arriva North East
  • Arriva Yorkshire
  • Arriva North West
SCHOLAR SAVER smartcard tickets for:
  • Arriva North West
  • Arriva Buses Wales


Please note that if you're buying a ticket on somebody else's behalf, for example a parent buying for a student or scholar, the new registered smartcard account must be in the name of the cardholder who will be using the bus, not in that of the person buying it.

Please choose carefully the appropriate channel below:

m-tickets or postal delivery

Buy tickets online

Download the Arriva m-ticket app and have your ticket delivered direct to your phone as an m-ticket. Or have it sent to you by post.

Smartcards for students and scholars

Buy tickets online

Buy North East, Yorkshire and North West Student Saver tickets, and also North West and Wales Scholar Saver tickets on Arriva Connect smartcards through our new smartcard shop.

Smartcards for non-students

Buy tickets online

Continue to buy non-student tickets on Arriva Connect smartcards through our existing online shop for the time being. We'll let you know when these move over to the new shop.

We suggest you bookmark this page for future purchases.

Already have an Arriva Connect smartcard?

Arriva Connect smartcard

This applies to existing holders of student smartcard tickets in the North East, Yorkshire and North West, plus those with North West scholar tickets on smartcards.

If you already have an Arriva Connect smartcard you will need to re-register it in the new system. Remember that new registered accounts must to be in the name of the cardholder who will using the ticket, not in the name of the purchaser if that is somebody different. For data security reasons we are not able to transfer your data across and it will be securely deleted from the old system.

Re-register your existing Arriva Connect smartcard

Our top priorities are digital security and a pleasurable customer experience. We want you to be able to buy and then top up your Arriva Connect smartcard in a simple, logical and secure process. We are currently working on the development of a whole new digital platform and our brand new online smartcard shop for students and scholars is the first part of your new digital experience. This will be expanded to cover all our adult smartcard tickets in October 2018.