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Arriva in Beds and Bucks

High Wycombe to Penn

Green Route 31 via Terriers and Hazlemere

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Route Map

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High Wycombe Bus Station09:2510:20Then
High Wycombe Oxford Street09:2610:212116:2117:2118:2119:51
High Wycombe Castle Street09:2710:222216:2217:2218:2219:52
High Wycombe Railway Station09:2710:232316:2317:2318:2319:53
High Wycombe Duke Street09:2810:242416:2417:2418:2419:54
High Wycombe Lucas Road09:2910:252516:2517:2518:2519:55
High Wycombe Bowerdean Crossroads09:3010:272716:2717:2718:2719:56
High Wycombe Acorn Close09:3110:282816:2817:2818:2819:57
High Wycombe The Happy Wanderer PH09:3210:292916:2917:2918:2919:58
High Wycombe Mayhew Crescent09:3310:303016:3017:3018:3019:59
High Wycombe Sheraton Drive09:3310:303016:3017:3018:3019:59
High Wycombe Windsor Drive09:3310:303016:3017:3018:3019:59
Terriers Crossroads09:3410:313116:3117:3118:3120:00
Terriers De Havilland Drive09:3510:323216:3217:3218:3220:01
Hazlemere St John's Road09:3610:333316:3317:3318:3320:02
Hazlemere Holy Trinity Church09:3710:343416:3417:3418:3420:03
Hazlemere Crossroads09:3810:353516:3517:3518:3520:04
Hazlemere Rose Avenue09:3810:363616:3617:3518:3520:04
Tylers Green William Ramsay School09:4010:383816:3817:3718:3720:06
Tylers Green Pine Walk09:4010:383816:3817:3718:3720:06
Tylers Green Rose Avenue Shops09:4110:393916:3917:3818:3820:07
Tylers Green Curzon Avenue09:4210:404016:4017:3918:3920:08
Tylers Green Hazlemere Road09:4210:404016:4017:3918:3920:08
Tylers Green Coppice Farm Road09:4310:414116:4117:4018:4020:08
Penn The Pond09:4610:444416:4417:4318:4320:11

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