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Arriva in Beds and Bucks

Stony Stratford to Kingston Centre

via Fairfields, Whitehouse, Central Station, The Point and Oakgrove

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Route Map

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Kingston District Centre08:3009:30Then
Kingston Chippenham Drive08:3209:323221:3222:32
Milton Keynes Village Claridge Drive08:3409:343421:3422:34
Middleton Oakgrove Roundabout North08:3509:353521:3522:35
Oakgrove Atlas Way08:3609:363621:3622:36
Middleton Oakgrove Roundabout North08:3709:373721:3722:37
Middleton Noon Layer Drive08:3809:383821:3822:38
Woolstone Roundabout West08:3909:393921:3922:39
Woolstone Pattison Lane08:4009:404021:4022:40
Campbell Park Glebe Roundabout west08:4109:414121:4122:41
Campbell Park Enmore Roundabout west08:4109:414121:4122:41
Central Milton Keynes Theatre District08:4309:434321:4322:43
Central Milton Keynes The Point08:4609:464621:4622:46
Central Milton Keynes Central Business Exchange08:4809:484821:4822:48
Central Milton Keynes Santander House08:4909:494921:4922:49
Central Milton Keynes Central Railway Station08:5209:525221:5222:52
Rooksley Retail Park08:5309:535321:5322:53
Rooksley Roundabout South08:5409:545421:5422:54
Rooksley Deltic Avenue08:5509:555521:5522:55
Two Mile Ash Corn Hill08:5809:585821:5822:58
Crownhill Roundabout East08:5909:595921:5922:59
Whitehouse Randall Avenue09:0210:020222:0223:02
Whitehouse School09:0410:040422:0423:04
Whitehouse Heren Lane09:0410:040422:0423:04
Whitehouse Longhorn Drive09:0510:050522:0523:05
Two Mile Ash Fairways Roundabout south09:0810:080822:0823:08
Fairfields Tiberius Way09:1010:101022:1023:10
Stony Stratford Galley Hill09:1210:121222:1223:12
Stony Stratford Woodside09:1410:141422:1423:14
Stony Stratford Wolverton Road09:1510:151522:1523:15

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