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Arriva in Beds and Bucks

High Wycombe to Downley

Pink Route 30 via Tinkers Wood

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Route Map

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High Wycombe Bus Station09:5510:55Then
High Wycombe Oxford Street09:5610:565616:5617:5619:21
High Wycombe Frogmoor09:5610:565616:5617:5619:21
High Wycombe Morrisons09:5810:585816:5817:5819:22
High Wycombe The Beaconsfield Arms PH10:0011:000017:0018:0019:24
High Wycombe Hughenden Avenue10:0111:010117:0118:0119:25
High Wycombe Telford Way10:0211:020217:0218:0219:26
High Wycombe Brunel Road10:0311:030317:0318:0319:27
High Wycombe Brindley Avenue10:0311:030317:0318:0319:27
High Wycombe The Pastures10:0411:040417:0418:0419:28
High Wycombe Pastures Church10:0411:040417:0418:0419:28
Downley Downs Park10:0511:050517:0518:0519:29
Downley Hillfield Close10:0611:060617:0618:0619:30
High Wycombe Plomer Green Avenue10:0611:060617:0618:0619:30
Downley Cross Court Shops10:0711:070717:0718:0719:31
Downley Grays Lane10:0711:070717:0718:0719:31
Downley Taylors Turn10:0711:070717:0718:0719:31
Downley Memorial Hall10:0811:080817:0818:0819:32
Downley Commonside10:0911:090917:0918:0919:33
Downley Littleworth Road10:1011:101017:1018:1019:34
Downley Hithercroft Road10:1111:111117:1118:1119:35
Downley Tinkers Wood Road10:1211:121217:1218:1219:36
High Wycombe Pastures Church10:1311:131317:1318:1319:36
High Wycombe The Pastures10:1311:131317:1318:1319:37
High Wycombe Brindley Avenue10:1411:141417:1418:1419:37
High Wycombe Brunel Road10:1511:151517:1518:1519:38
High Wycombe Telford Way Spur10:1511:151517:1518:1519:38
High Wycombe Telford Way10:1511:151517:1518:1519:39
High Wycombe Hughenden Avenue10:1711:171717:1718:1719:40
High Wycombe The Beaconsfield Arms PH10:1811:181817:1818:1819:41
High Wycombe Temple End10:2011:202017:2018:2019:42
High Wycombe Frogmoor10:2111:212117:2118:2019:43
High Wycombe Oxford Street10:2211:222217:2218:2119:43
High Wycombe Bus Station10:2411:242417:2418:2319:45

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