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Arriva in Beds and Bucks

Aylesbury to Milton Keynes

via Wing, Leighton Buzzard and Heath & Reach

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Route Map

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Aylesbury Bus Station07:4508:45Then
Aylesbury Exchange Street07:4608:464616:4617:46
Aylesbury High Street07:4608:464616:4617:46
Aylesbury Cambridge Street07:4808:484816:4817:48
Aylesbury The Weavers PH07:4808:484816:4817:48
Aylesbury Prison07:4908:494916:4917:49
Aylesbury Bierton Road07:5008:505016:5017:50
Bierton Aylesbury Road07:5108:515116:5117:51
Bierton The Red Lion PH07:5208:525216:5217:52
Bierton Burcott Lane07:5408:545416:5417:54
Bierton The Bell PH07:5508:555516:5517:55
Bierton Hulcott Lane07:5508:555516:5517:55
Hulcott Cane End Lane07:5608:565616:5617:56
Rowsham Main Road07:5808:585816:5817:58
Wingrave Crossroads08:0009:000017:0018:00
Wing The Old Mill08:0509:050517:0518:05
Wing Church Street08:0609:060617:0618:06
Wing The Dove08:0609:060617:0618:06
Wing Village Hall08:0709:070717:0718:07
Wing Well Lane08:0809:080817:0818:08
Wing Ascott House08:0809:080817:0818:08
Wing Tollgate House08:1109:111117:1118:11
Linslade Railway Bridge08:1509:151517:1518:14
Linslade New Road08:1709:171717:1718:16
Leighton Buzzard Bridge Street08:1809:181817:1818:17
Leighton Buzzard High Street08:2109:212117:2118:19
Leighton Buzzard Library08:2109:212117:21--
Leighton Buzzard Chapel Path08:2409:242417:24--
Leighton Buzzard Clarence Road08:2409:242417:24--
Leighton Buzzard Plummer Haven08:2509:252517:25--
Leighton Buzzard Hillside Road08:2609:262617:26--
Leighton Buzzard Heath Park Drive08:2709:272717:27--
Leighton Buzzard The Star PH08:2809:282817:28--
Heath and Reach Heath Green08:3009:303017:30--
Heath and Reach Sheepcote Crescent08:3109:313117:31--
Heath and Reach Reach Green08:3109:313117:31--
Heath and Reach Brickhill Road08:3109:313117:31--
Heath and Reach Flying Fox Roundabout08:3409:343417:34--
Fenny Lock roundabout west08:4309:434317:43--
Mount Farm Park08:4409:444417:44--
Mount Farm Stadium MK08:4609:464617:46--
Ashland Roundabout South08:4709:474717:47--
Ashland Roundabout North08:4709:474717:47--
Beanhill Dodkin08:4809:484817:48--
Coffee Hall Roundabout South08:4809:484817:48--
Coffee Hall Roundabout North08:4909:494917:49--
Eaglestone Golden Drive08:5009:505017:50--
Eaglestone Roundabout North08:5109:515117:51--
Fishermead Jubilee Wood School08:5109:515117:51--
Oldbrook South Saxon Roundabout South08:5209:525217:52--
Central Milton Keynes The Point08:5509:555517:55--
Central Milton Keynes Central Business Exchange08:5809:585817:58--
Central Milton Keynes Santander House09:0010:000018:00--
Central Milton Keynes Central Railway Station09:0310:030318:03--

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