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More frequent bus services for Medway

We're making big changes to our bus routes and times in the Medway area from Sunday 12th July, with lots of improvements across the towns.

There will be more frequent buses for many parts of Medway, new or more frequent Sunday services and new links for several areas.

Some services will be given new numbers and the existing Services 113/114 and 116 will be combined into new circular 'Loop' services that will also give new links for several places.

To find out more about the changes click the tabs below.

The general overview tab gives you a summary of the main changes and the service-by-service tab lists all our services in Medway, with full details of what is happening to your local bus route.

The other tabs summarise the changes specifically for those areas affected by the changes.

New timetable leaflets for the services that are altering will be available well in advance of the start date and the new times will be available online by mid-June.

We're certainly ringing the changes with our package of timetable and route alterations that will bring many improvements to services across the Medway area.

The highlights are more frequent buses on several routes, including the 132, 136, 166, 176, 182 and 700, a new Sunday service to Gravesend and the combining of two services to form new circular routes that will give links between places that currently require a change of bus.

There will also be changes to route numbers in some cases, the 136, 176 and 181, and some routes will be revised.

There will be new or revised links across Chatham, as well as from Gravesend, Higham, Wayfield and Weeds Wood.

The existing Capstone Flyer Services 113 and 114 will be combined with X-Bus 116 to form new Loop services that will run circular routes in both directions to link Chatham, the universities, MidKent College, Gillingham, Medway Maritime Hospital, Twydall, Rainham, Wigmore, Hempstead and Luton.

Loop will give lots of new links, including several for Twydall - for example, to Tesco's, Medway Maritime Hospital, the universities and Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre.

The service to Darnley Road, Marlowe Park and Earl Estate will be simplified while retaining existing frequencies on each section of these routes.

The services from Gravesend/Higham and Grain/Hoo will be extended beyond Chatham Bus Station to run to the universities and Dockside Outlet Centre. Those from Grain and Hoo will also run along Pier Road to Gillingham Strand.

Services 700 and 701 to Bluewater will be revised so that there will be just one service, the 700, running between Chatham Bus Station and Bluewater but at an increased frequency.

There will no longer be direct links from Luton, Lords Wood, Walderslade, Wigmore, Rainham or Gillingham to Bluewater but our Bluewater Transfer ticket will allow you to travel from any part of our Medway Towns ticket zone to Bluewater with one ticket bought on your local bus into Chatham. You can then transfer onto the 700 to and from Bluewater without having to pay again.

There are lots of other changes and the tabs on this page will explain what is happening in your area.