Frequently asked questions


How do I retrieve something I left in an ArrivaClick?

We’ve all been there, and we feel for you! As soon as you realise an item is missing, please let us know by e-mailing us at, and we’ll put you in touch with your driver to track it down! Please note, unclaimed items will be donated to charity after 30 days.


Oops, I forgot to press +1 (or +2 or +3)!

Not to worry! Just send a quick text to let ArrivaClick know, and we'll adjust it for you right away.


My driver was great! How can I thank them?

Our drivers are the butter to our bread. Simply put, they’re the best! If you had a great experience with a driver, please let us know by filling out the feedback screen after your journey.


I had an issue with my journey. How can I let you know?

Oh dear! We’re sorry to hear that there was a problem with your journey. Please let us know what went wrong either by filling out the feedback screen in the app after your journey or by emailing us at


Can I change my destination once I'm in the vehicle?

We get it - mistakes happen, plans change, and sometimes the destination where you booked to is no longer the destination you need to get to.

While we aim to please on every journey, in the event that a change would delay another passenger in the car or awaiting pick up, we can't accommodate requests for changes to drop-offs. You can always send us a text mid-journey, and we'll certainly try our best to accommodate your situation. If you haven't got on board yet, just cancel the journey and re-book with the new destination.


My driver left without me!

Oh no, we're sorry we didn't get you on board!

If you were marked as a "No Show" and you still need to travel, please re-book directly in your app, and when you have a moment, send an email to so we can look into what went wrong.

If your app is indicating that you were picked up, please text us directly so we can cancel that journey and make sure you are able to re-book! 

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