Frequently asked questions


Why is my place pin in the middle of a green field?

Your ArrivaClick map definitely shouldn’t be defaulting to a strange location.

Please make sure that Location Services are enabled for the ArrivaClick app on your phone (Settings - Privacy - Location Services), and that should bring you back to a street!


The app isn't recognising my pick-up location!

When you book a journey, our system will generally propose a pick-up location on the nearest street corner where traffic is flowing in the direction of your journey. If the app is moving your pick-up just a little way away, that’s just our system working behind the scenes.

Is your pick-up being moved to nowhere near where you want it? Try using the place pins! This is the easiest and most precise way to set your pick-up and drop-off in the ArrivaClick app. Simply drag the map around until the pick-up icon is at your desired spot, and then select Set Pick-Up.


How do I reset my password?

To reset your password, just open the app and select "Log In," and then follow these steps:

  1. In the password box, press "Forgot Password"
  2. On this screen enter your phone number and press "Send"
  3. Retrieve the new password (it may be helpful to write it down) and go back to the app. From here you can log in with the password we sent via text. Once logged in you can change the password to one of your liking.
  4. Click on the "Menu" icon in the top left and then the pencil icon - this will take you to edit your profile.
  5. Click on "Edit Password"
  6. On this screen you will enter the current password (the one from the text message), and then enter a new password of your choice - then click "Save".


I'm not receiving my temporary password!

We’re sorry for the hassle! Please email and we can reset your password for you manually.

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