Frequently asked questions


How do I pre-book a journey?

Within the app you can pre-book a journey in four easy steps:

Step 1: Click on the icon next to the "Schedule" icon in your app, and select the 30-minute window when you want to be picked up. Then, press "Set Pick-up Time".

Note: If you would like to book a journey on-demand instead, you can always go back to the normal booking screen.

Step 2: Move the map until the blue marker is at your desired pick-up location and press “Set Pick-up.” You may also manually type your address in the search bar.

Step 3: Move the map until the purple marker is at your desired drop-off location and press "Set Drop-off." You may also manually type your address in the search bar.

Step 4: Review the journey offer in the proposal screen, confirm that your pickup time is the correct time-slot for you, and press "Book This Journey."

You’re all set! You will now be directed to a confirmation screen, where you can see all of your pre-booked journey's details (including pickup location, pickup time, and journey cost).

Change your mind? You can cancel your pre-book journey at any time up if you'd prefer to book an on-demand journey instead.


How can I check the status of my pre-booked journey?

Once you have reserved your pre-booked journey, you may review the details of your journey at any time by opening your app, where you'll see all of your scheduled journey's details (including pick-up location, pick-up time, and journey cost).

Once your ArrivaClick vehicle is on its way to you, you'll receive an SMS letting you know that your pre-booked journey is about to begin its way!

When your ArrivaClick vehicle is 2 minutes away, you'll receive an SMS to let you know that your vehicle is getting close. When your vehicle arrives, we’ll send you another text to let you know!


Does it cost extra?

No! A pre-scheduled journey costs the same as an on-demand journey.


Can I book a pre-scheduled journey for multiple people?

Yes! Just like on-demand journeys, you can pre-schedule a journey for groups of up to six people.


Can I book multiple journeys at once?

Not yet. At the moment, you may only pre-book your next journey.

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