What ArrivaClick costs

what it costs

Travel alone from £1*
Travel with a friend and they receive 40% discount!*

ArrivaClick journeys start at just £1 and fares are based on how far you go and when you travel. Prices may vary depending on time and day of travel, and other factors. But, of course, you'll always know the exact fare for your journey before you book - just check your app.

Credit bundles

You can purchase credit bundles and the more credit you buy, the more credit you get as part of our Credit Bonus programme. 

And so you're never without some credit, you can set up an automatic £20 top-up when your balance gets down to £10.


Alternatively you can buy an ArrivaClick Pass - the most affordable way to travel if you're a frequent rider.

Weekly Commuter Pass (limit of two rides per day)**


Weekly Unlimited Pass (unlimited rides)**



Earn extra credit 

When you refer a friend and they take their first trip, we will give you both £7.50 to spend on future journeys.

Pay as you go

You can pay as you go without credit or passes if you prefer.


*Limited time offer only. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more details.
**T&Cs apply. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more details.



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