Paying by Direct Debit

Your employer has signed up to be a member of the Arriva Employer Travel Club.  As an employee you can take advantage of the massive savings on buying an annual ticket but have the convenience of spreading the cost across 12 months.


Your monthly amount will be debited on your chosen date and then the ticket will be dispatched  2-5 working days after the payment has been received.  

If your payment is going to be on the 1st of each month, your ticket will start on the 10th of the same month and be valid until the end of the 09th of the following month.
If your payment date is the 15th, then your ticket will start on the 25th and be valid up to the end of the 24th of the following month

Once the first payment and ticket has been organised, the dates of payment collection and dispatch will remain the same for the rest of the 12 months.

After clicking below you will be directed through to the web link.  Please select the ticket you wish to purchase, and complete all the details.  We will take care of everything else.

Thank you

Click on the buy now button below to purchase your ticket using the direct debit facility

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