The Arriva brand is changing!

Arriva old brand and new brand comparison

Subtle changes are happening to the Arriva brand. We are refreshing our colourways and are introducing a new look to the Arriva logo.

Arriva UK Bus brand has changed very little in the last 20 years but now the time has come to evolve and modernise.

Some of you may have already seen some of our bright blue buses out on the road, we have recently started to introduce them and will be rolling out more across 2018.

Our investment in this activity is a gradual one, when we put a new bus on the road, or when we need to repaint one of your existing buses we will do it in the new colours and add the new logo.
When we need to replace timetables we will do so using the new style. This way we keep the cost of the refresh to a minimum and focus our efforts on maximising your bus services.

Don’t worry, we are still your Arriva, we have just given the Arriva Brand a little spruce up with more vibrant colours and a tweaked logo with a more modern, fresh feel.