Frequently asked questions

These are the questions we’re asked most often about the new Sapphire service, and we hope they’ll answer your queries too. If you can’t find what you’re looking for please Contact Us or for more general bus-related questions and answers you can check out the FAQ section on the main Arriva buses site.

How do I catch a Sapphire bus?

Go to one of the Sapphire bus stops along the route and hold out your hand as the bus approaches. This signal will let the driver know you want to get on the bus. When the bus stops simply step aboard - our easy access buses make it easy even if you have a buggy, shopping trolley or wheelchair. Click here to find out more.

What ticket types can I buy?

If you’re only going one way get a single ticket, or if you’re coming back later the same day get a return ticket. But if you are going to be travelling with us regularly we have a range of Saver tickets covering different parts of the route (we call them zones) and for different lengths of time (a day, a week, 28 days and so on) which quickly work out cheaper if you’re making more frequent trips.

How can I pay?

You’ll need cash if you’re buying your ticket on the bus. But if you buy Saver tickets you can do this on your smartphone, online or at local shops in the PayPoint or Payzone schemes.

How do I use my smart phone as my ticket?

More than 20 million journeys have now been made using m-tickets so this new technology has really caught on. What’s more it’s so quick, easy and secure. Find out more about how it all works and what you need to do to join in.

How often do Sapphire buses run?

One of the key features of Sapphire services is that they run at least every 60 minutes. Many run even more often. Check out the route pages.

How do I use the free WiFi?

The first time you access the free Wi-Fi on the bus with your phone or laptop you will be asked to go through a simple registration process. After that, your device will be recognised each time you travel and you will be taken straight to a standard landing page.

How do I recharge my phone on the bus?

You will see normal 13 amp sockets and/or USB charging points by seats throughout the bus. You can charge your phone, laptop or tablet and it’s completely free.