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Dewsbury to Halifax

via Mirfield, Brighouse and Elland

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Halifax Town Centre Bus Station09:1510:15Then
Halifax Town Centre Bus Station--------19:30
Halifax Town Centre Commercial Street09:1610:161618:1619:31
Halifax Town Centre Portland Place St Johns Lane09:1710:171718:1719:32
Halifax Town Centre Skircoat Road Hunger Hill09:1710:171718:1719:32
Skircoat Road Shaw Hill09:1810:181818:1819:33
Skircoat Huddersfield Rd Spring Hall Lane09:1910:191918:1919:34
Skircoat Huddersfield Road Limes Ave09:2010:202018:2019:35
Skircoat Huddersfield Rd Stafford Road09:2010:202018:2019:35
Skircoat Huddersfield Road Westbourne Grove09:2010:202018:2019:35
Salterhebble Calderdale Royal Hospital09:2110:212118:2119:36
Salterhebble Huddersfield Road Exley Bank09:2210:222218:2219:37
Salterhebble Stainland Road09:2310:232318:2319:38
Salterhebble Stainland Rd North Dean Bus Pk09:2410:242418:2419:39
West Vale Stainland Rd Garden Centre09:2510:252518:2519:40
West Vale Stainland Road09:2510:252518:2519:40
West Vale Rochdale Rd Lambert Street09:2610:262618:2619:41
West Vale Long Wall09:2710:272718:2719:42
Elland Jepson Lane Victoria Ave09:2810:282818:2819:43
Elland Jepson Lane Victoria Rd09:2810:282818:2819:43
Elland Victoria Rd Burley Street09:2910:292918:2919:44
Elland Southgate09:3010:303018:3019:45
Elland Riorges Link09:3010:303018:3019:45
Elland Riorges Link Elland Lane09:3110:313118:3119:46
Elland Riorges Link Calderdale Way09:3110:313118:3119:46
Riorges Link Elland Lane09:3210:323218:3219:47
Elland Lower Edge Rd Whitwell Grove09:3310:333318:3319:48
Lower Edge Rd Lodge Drive09:3410:343418:3419:49
Lower Edge Appleyard Farm09:3410:343418:3419:49
Lower Edge The Royal Oak PH09:3510:353518:3519:50
Rastrick Lower Edge Rd Nunnery Lane09:3610:363618:3619:51
Rastrick Lower Edge Rd Shannon Road09:3710:373718:3719:52
Rastrick Tofts Grove09:3810:383818:3819:53
Rastrick Tofts Grove09:3810:383818:3819:53
Rastrick Thornhill Road Castle Pl09:3910:393918:3919:54
Rastrick Thornhill Rd Castle Avenue09:4010:404018:4019:55
Brighouse Bramston Street Capel St09:4110:414118:4119:56
Brighouse Bramston Street George St09:4210:424218:4219:57
Brighouse Bus Station09:4410:444418:4419:59
Brighouse Wakefield Road Grove St09:4510:454518:4520:00
Brighouse Wakefield Rd Grove Street09:4510:454518:4520:00
Brighouse Wakefield Rd Sherwood Road09:4610:464618:4620:01
Brighouse Wakefield Rd Locksley Road09:4710:474718:4720:02
Brighouse Wakefield Rd Coal Pit Lane09:4710:474718:4720:02
Cooper Bridge Old Corn Mill09:5010:505018:5020:05
Cooper Bridge Robin Hoods Cottage09:5110:515118:5120:06
Cooper Bridge Wakefield Rd Scrap Yard09:5210:525218:5220:07
Cooper Bridge Wakefield Road09:5210:525218:5220:07
Mirfield Huddersfield Rd Leeds Road09:5310:535318:5320:08
Mirfield Huddersfield Rd Coppin Hall Lane09:5410:545418:5420:09
Mirfield Huddersfield Rd The Clough09:5510:555518:5520:10
Mirfield Huddersfield Rd Back Lane09:5610:565618:5620:11
Mirfield Huddersfield Road Ebor Gdns09:5710:575718:5720:12
Mirfield Huddersfield Rd Wilson Terrace09:5710:575718:5720:12
Mirfield Ing Grove Park Huddersfield Road09:5810:585818:5820:13
Mirfield Huddersfield Road09:5910:595918:5920:14
Mirfield Huddersfield Rd Parker Lane10:0011:000019:0020:15
Mirfield Huddersfield Rd Parkfield Crescent10:0111:010119:0120:16
Mirfield Huddersfield Rd Church Lane10:0211:020219:0220:17
Ravensthorpe Huddersfield Rd Fir Avenue10:0311:030319:0320:18
Ravensthorpe Huddersfield Road Fir Parade10:0411:040419:0420:19
Ravensthorpe Huddersfield Road Bradbury St10:0411:040419:0420:19
Ravensthorpe Huddersfield Road Foundry St10:0511:050519:0520:20
Ravensthorpe Huddersfield Road Union St10:0611:060619:0620:21
Ravensthorpe Huddersfield Road Albion St10:0711:070719:0720:22
Ravensthorpe Huddersfield Road Bridge St10:0711:070719:0720:22
Scout Hill Huddersfield Road Fire Station10:0811:080819:0820:23
Scout Hill Huddersfield Road Thornville St10:0911:090919:0920:24
Scout Hill Huddersfield Rd Quarry Road10:1011:101019:1020:25
Dewsbury Huddersfield Rd Watergate Road10:1111:111119:1120:26
Dewsbury Bus Station10:1311:131319:1320:28