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Dewsbury to Wakefield

via Batley

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Dewsbury Bus Station08:5009:50Then
Dewsbury Longcauseway08:5109:515115:5116:51
Dewsbury Halifax Rd Eightlands Road08:5209:525215:5216:52
Dewsbury Moorlands Avenue Moorlands Rd08:5309:535315:5316:53
Dewsbury Moorlands Road Aspen Grove08:5409:545415:5416:54
Dewsbury Moorlands Rd Boothroyd Lane08:5409:545415:5416:54
Dewsbury Boothroyd Ln Park Croft08:5509:555515:5516:55
Dewsbury Moor St Johns CE Infant School08:5609:565615:5616:56
Dewsbury Moor Staincliffe Rd Reservoir Street08:5709:575715:5716:57
Dewsbury Moor Staincliffe Rd School Lane08:5709:575715:5716:57
Staincliffe Rd Knowles Hill Road08:5809:585815:5816:58
Staincliffe Squirrel Hall Reservoir08:5909:595915:5916:59
Staincliffe Dewsbury Gate Road Occupation Ln09:0010:000016:0017:00
Staincliffe Halifax Road Orchard Croft09:0110:010116:0117:01
Staincliffe Dewsbury & District Hospital09:0210:020216:0217:02
Staincliffe Cullingworth Street Halifax Rd09:0310:030316:0317:03
Staincliffe CE Junior School09:0410:040416:0417:04
Staincliffe Hall Rd Bunkers Lane09:0510:050516:0517:05
Batley West Park Road West Park Grove09:0610:060616:0617:06
Batley West Park Ave Healey Lane09:0610:060616:0617:06
Batley Healey Ln Jessop Park09:0710:070716:0717:07
Batley Mayman Lane Cemetery Rd09:0810:080816:0817:08
Batley Mayman Lane Mayman Close09:0810:080816:0817:08
Batley Bus Station09:1210:121216:1217:12
Batley Commercial Street09:1310:131316:1317:13
Batley Soothill Lane Rouse Mill Ln09:1410:141416:1417:14
Batley Lady Ann Rd Soothill Lane09:1510:151516:1517:15
Soothill Lady Ann Road Primrose Hill09:1610:161616:1617:16
Soothill Broomsdale Rd Sykes Close09:1610:161616:1617:16
Soothill Broomsdale Road Grace Leather Ln09:1710:171716:1717:17
Soothill Grace Leather Lane Cardigan Close09:1710:171716:1717:17
Grace Leather Lane Soothill Ln09:1810:181816:1817:18
Soothill Lane Oakwood Rd09:1810:181816:1817:18
Soothill Lane Solway Rd09:1910:191916:1917:19
Soothill Solway Road Kinnaid Close09:1910:191916:1917:19
Soothill Solway Rd Manor Farm Drive09:2010:202016:2017:20
Manor Farm Drive Soothill Ln09:2110:212116:2117:21
Soothill Lane Croft House Farm09:2210:222216:2217:22
Woodkirk Babes in the Wood PH09:2310:232316:2317:23
Woodkirk Hey Beck Lane Leeds Rd09:2410:242416:2417:24
Woodkirk Hey Beck Lane09:2510:252516:2517:25
Westerton Batley Road The Croft09:2610:262616:2617:26
Westerton Batley Road Woollin Ave09:2710:272716:2717:27
Westerton Commonside09:2710:272716:2717:27
Westerton Haigh Hall Farm09:2810:282816:2817:28
Kirkhamgate Batley Road The Springs09:2910:292916:2917:29
Kirkhamgate Batley Road Woodhouse Ln09:3010:303016:3017:30
Kirkhamgate Batley Road Brandy Carr Rd09:3210:323216:3217:32
Kirkhamgate Lindale Farm09:3310:333316:3317:33
Kirkhamgate Batley Road Park Mill Ln09:3410:343416:3417:34
Alverthorpe Batley Rd Wrenthorpe Lane09:3510:353516:3517:35
Alverthorpe Batley Road Pacaholme Rd09:3610:363616:3617:36
Alverthorpe Batley Road St Pauls Dr09:3710:373716:3717:37
Alverthorpe Batley Rd Flanshaw Lane09:3710:373716:3717:37
Alverthorpe Batley Road Larkspur Wy09:3810:383816:3817:38
Flanshaw J&I School09:3810:383816:3817:38
Flanshaw Batley Road Peacock Ave09:3910:393916:3917:39
Flanshaw New Scarborough Rufford Street09:4010:404016:4017:40
Flanshaw Alverthorpe Road Denhale Ave09:4110:414116:4117:41
Wakefield City Centre Westgate End Makin Street09:4210:424216:4217:42
Wakefield City Centre Westgate Ings Road09:4210:424216:4217:42
Wakefield City Centre Westgate09:4310:434316:4317:43
Wakefield City Centre Westgate09:4410:444416:4417:44
Wakefield City Centre Union Street09:4510:454516:4517:45
Wakefield City Centre Bus Station09:4510:454516:4517:45