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167, 168

Leeds to Castleford

via Swillington

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Leeds City Centre Park Row10:2911:29Then
Leeds City Centre Boar Lane10:2911:292920:2921:29
Leeds City Centre York Street10:3111:313120:3121:31
Crown Point Black Bull Street10:3311:333320:3321:33
Crown Point Hunslet Road Brookfield St10:3411:343420:3421:34
Hunslet Low Rd Stafford Street10:3511:353520:3521:35
Hunslet Low Rd Old Mill Lane10:3611:363620:3621:36
Hunslet Low Rd Severn Road10:3711:373720:3721:37
Hunslet Low Rd Rocheford Gardens10:3711:373720:3721:37
Stourton Pontefract Rd Wakefield Road10:3911:393920:3921:39
Stourton Pontefract Rd Plevna Street10:3911:393920:3921:39
Stourton Pontefract Rd Haigh Park Road10:4011:404020:4021:40
Stourton Pontefract Rd Intermezzo Drive10:4111:414120:4121:41
Stourton Royal Mail10:4211:424220:4221:42
Stourton Leeds Road M1 Junction 4410:4211:424220:4221:42
John O'Gaunts Leeds Road Temple Court10:4511:454520:4521:45
John O'Gaunts Leeds Rd Styebank Lane10:4611:464620:4621:46
John O'Gaunts Holmsley Lane10:4711:474720:4721:47
Woodlesford Holmsley Lane Gypsy Ln10:4711:474720:4721:47
Woodlesford Holmsley Lane North Ln10:4811:484820:4821:48
Woodlesford North Lane Derwent Ave10:4811:484820:4821:48
Woodlesford North Ln Holmsley Field Lane10:4911:494920:4921:49
Oulton Calverley Rd Chapel Yard10:4911:494920:4921:49
Oulton Aberford Rd Fleet Lane10:5011:505020:5021:50
Woodlesford Aberford Rd Airedale Rd10:5111:515120:5121:51
Woodlesford Aberford Road Station Ln10:5111:515120:5121:51
Woodlesford Wakefield Rd Bullerthorpe Lane10:5311:535320:5321:53
Swillington Wakefield Rd Jinny Moor Lane10:5311:535320:5321:53
Wakefield Rd Swillington Lane10:5411:545420:5421:54
Swillington Wakefield Road Hill Crest10:5511:555520:5521:55
Swillington Wakefield Rd St Mary's Avenue10:5511:555520:5521:55
Swillington Church10:5611:565620:5621:56
Great Preston Whitehouse Ln Whitehouse Ave10:5911:595920:5921:59
Great Preston Corner10:5911:595920:5921:59
Great Preston Preston Lane Wood Ln11:0012:000021:0022:00
Great Preston Junior School11:0012:000021:0022:00
Great Preston Preston Lane Brigshaw Ln11:0012:000021:0022:00
Great Preston Preston Ln Brigshaw Drive11:0112:010121:0122:01
Great Preston Leeds Rd King Edward Avenue11:0112:010121:0122:01
Allerton Bywater Leeds Rd Ninevah Lane11:0112:010121:0122:01
Allerton Bywater Leeds Road Westfield Grove11:0212:020221:0222:02
Allerton Bywater Leeds Road Blands Ave11:0212:020221:0222:02
Allerton Bywater Leeds Road Manor Park Ave11:0312:030321:0322:03
Allerton Bywater Park Ln Vicars Terrace11:0312:030321:0322:03
Allerton Bywater Park Lane Millennium Village11:0412:040421:0422:04
Allerton Bywater Park Lane Park Ave11:0512:050521:0522:05
Allerton Bywater Barnsdale Road Park Ln11:0512:050521:0522:05
Allerton Bywater Barnsdale Road11:0712:070721:0722:07
Castleford Lock Lane James St11:0912:090921:0922:09
Castleford Lock Lane Mill Ln11:1012:101021:1022:10
Castleford Aire Street11:1112:111121:1122:11
Castleford Bus Station11:1412:141421:1422:14

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