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Netherton to Wakefield

via Horbury

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Netherton Netherfield Ave Netherfield Crescent09:3009:3009:3009:30
Netherton Oakland Drive Highfield Rd--09:32--09:32
Netherton Upper Lane Highfield Rd09:3409:3409:3409:34
Netherton Upper Ln South Lane09:3509:3509:3509:35
Netherton Ln Netherton Hall Drive09:3509:3509:3509:35
Netherton Lane Hall Croft09:3609:3609:3609:36
Horbury Bridge Bridge Road Netherton Ln09:3909:3909:3909:39
Horbury Bridge Bridge Rd Holyoake Terrace09:4009:4009:4009:40
Horbury Bridge Bridge Road Parklands Dr09:4009:4009:4009:40
Horbury Bridge Quarry Hill Hawkingcroft09:4109:4109:4109:41
Horbury Highfield Rd Southfield Lane09:4209:4209:4209:42
Horbury Highfield Rd Bank Street09:4309:4309:4309:43
Horbury High Street Queen St09:4409:4409:4409:44
Horbury New Rd Church Lane09:4409:4409:4409:44
Horbury Primary School--09:45--09:45
Horbury Wakefield Rd Stannard Well Lane09:4509:4509:4509:45
Horbury Benton Park09:4609:4609:4609:46
Lupset Horbury Rd Aysgarth Close09:4709:4709:4709:47
Lupset Hotel Horbury Road09:4809:4809:4809:48
Lupset Horbury Rd Cumbrian Way09:4809:4809:4809:48
Lupset Thornes Rd Horbury Road09:49--09:49--
Thornes Road The Mount09:5009:5009:5009:50
Thornes Road Gill Sike Rd09:5109:5109:5109:51
Thornes Road Cathedral School09:5209:5209:5209:52
Thornes Park Gates09:5209:5209:5209:52
Thornes Lane09:5309:5309:5309:53
Thornes Clarence Park--09:54--09:54
Wakefield City Centre Charlesworth Way09:5509:5509:5509:55
Wakefield City Centre Cathedral Retail Pk09:5609:5609:5609:56
Wakefield City Centre Charlesworth Way Cineworld09:56--09:56--
Wakefield City Centre Westgate Ings Road--09:57--09:57
Wakefield City Centre Westgate Station09:5809:5809:5809:58
Wakefield City Centre Westgate09:5909:5909:5909:59
Wakefield City Centre Union Street10:0010:0010:0010:00
Wakefield City Centre Bus Station10:0010:0010:0010:00

1Doesn't run on Mondays 2Term Time Only 3Only During School Holidays