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Revised Local Bus services from Saturday 30 August 2014

We’re making some exciting changes to our network of local bus services in the Stoke on Trent and North Staffordshire areas from Saturday 30 August 2014. Although there are reductions to a small number of services, there’s a raft of new services along with improvements to many other services arriving at bus stops across the area – making bus travel with Wardle Transport a viable alternative to using the car!

Your new and revised service details are shown below - click on the links for timetables:


Service 13:  Hanley – Dividy Road – Anchor Road – Longton

New service operating every 20 minutes Monday to Saturday, offering a fast link between Dividy Road and Longton, Anchor Road and Hanley.


Service 15:  Hanley – Milton – Endon – Leek
Service X15:  Hanley – Milton – Endon – Leek – Buxton

Service 118 renumbered to X15. X15 and new service 15 offer a new every 30 minute frequency between Hanley, Milton, Baddeley Green, Endon and Leek, with X15 extending to Buxton. This will make a 15 minute frequency from Milton via Leek Road to Hanley.


Service 16:  Hanley – Cheddleton – Leek

Saturday frequency doubled to every 30 minutes. Monday to Saturday evening journeys introduced.


Service 19:  Hanley – Sneyd Green – Bradeley

Additional journeys introduced. Diverted via Ralph Drive to serve Sneyd Green Estate.


Service 28:  Newcastle – Silverdale – Keele

A Saturday service is being introduced on a trial basis.


Service 34:  Newcastle – Chesterton – Crackley

New service operating up to every 20 minutes Monday to Saturday, offering fast link between Crackley, Chesterton, Wolstanton Road and Newcastle.


Service 41:  Birches Head – Hanley – Hospitals – Clayton

Minor timing changes on late afternoon journeys.


Service 42:  Ball Green – Hanley – Hospitals – Newcastle

On Saturday’s service 42 will operate between Ball Green and Hanley only. Mondays to Fridays the service remains unchanged.


Service 51:  Longton – Normacot – Meir Estates

Service withdrawn.


Service 90:  Ball Green – Norton – Tunstall

Early Monday to Friday journey from Ball Green withdrawn.


Service 91:  Newcastle – Tunstall – Bradeley

Additional journeys Mondays to Saturdays. Diverted to serve Woodland Street ASDA in Tunstall.


Service 92:  Newcastle – Burslem – Ball Green

Service extended beyond Porthill to Burslem, Smallthorne, Norton and Ball Green.


Services 234, 235, 236:  Tean – Cheadle – Froghall – Leek

In agreement with Staffs CC, revised timings to improve reliability.


Service X50:  Hanley – Blythe Bridge – Uttoxeter
Service X51:  Hanley – Blythe Bridge – Cheadle

Remaining X50 journeys replaced by X51 trips. Some X51 underused journeys withdrawn.


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For details of local bus services operated by Wardle Transport call traveline on 0871 200 22 33 or call customer services on 0344 800 44 11.