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Wardle Transport

From Saturday 6, Monday 8 and Monday 22 December 2014 there will be a number of changes to Wardle Transport local services in order to ensure we provide a reliable service and to maximise our resources.

Here are the changes being introduced:

From 6 December 2014:


Service 13: Longton – Dividy Rd - Hanley

The service is no longer commercially viable and so will be withdrawn


Service 15: Hanley – Leek

No change


Service 16: Hanley – Leek

Additional journey on Monday to Friday at 1515 from Leek to Hanley introduced. Saturday journey at 0730 Hanley to Leek withdrawn


Service 28: Newcastle – Keele

First and last Monday to Friday journeys will be withdrawn.


Service 33: Newcastle – Westlands - Seabridge

Frequency reduced to every 30 minutes.


Service 34: Newcastle – Chesterton - Crackley

Frequency reduced to every 30 minutes and will interwork with service 33.


Service 90: Ball Green – Norton – Haywood Hospital - Tunstall

Due to poor patronage this service will be withdrawn.


Service X28: Hanley – Stoke – Newcastle – Keele University

Last journey will be withdrawn.


Service 462: Wilding Road – Sneyd Green

Service withdrawn.


From Monday 8 December 2014:


Service 19: Hanley – Bradeley

Revised timetable.


Service 40: Hanley - Birches Head

Due to poor patronage this service will be withdrawn.


School services 401 and 413:

Revised times will be introduced at the request of Stoke City Council.


From Monday 22 December 2014:


School Services 224, 430 and 434:

Services withdrawn