ARRIVA - Trade Your Transport - swap your scrap car for 4x4 from Arriva

Trade Your Transport - swap your scrap car for 4x4 from Arriva

Trade Your Transport - swap your scrap car for 4x4 from Arriva

Yes, say ‘goodbye’ to your scrap car and ‘hello’ to four 4-Weekly Saver tickets for Arriva buses, worth more than £235.

Photograph of recycled carsBetter value
Arriva has joined forces with Trade Your Transport in the North West of England in an exciting new initiative that gives you better value for your scrap car.

As an official partner of Trade Your Transport, we have teamed up with to offer you a reward that is worth much more than the scrap value of your car alone.

Photograph of recycled wheels and tyresExclusive deal
Simply recycle your old car with Trade Your Transport to gain access to our exclusive Saver ticket reward covering Arriva’s local bus services throughout the North West and Wales.

Protect the environment
And there’s more… When you Trade Your Transport you can feel proud because you’ll be doing your bit to help protect the environment. Even your tickets are environmentally friendly: they will be delivered direct to your mobile phone and are not available as paper tickets.

It's so easy...
Simply tell Trade Your Transport a few details about you and your car. You can even chose whether to deliver it your nearest Cartakeback recycling centre, or to make things really easy they’ll collect it from you! Once your car has been accepted you’ll receive your unique code to claim your bus travel reward with us.

To start the process, register your mobile phone for Arriva's m-tickets and download the completely free app, then visit the Arriva page on the Trade Your Transport website.



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