ARRIVA - Student Saver tickets in Yorkshire

Student Saver tickets in Yorkshire

Student Saver tickets in Yorkshire

Great value student tickets in Yorkshire

The Arriva Student Saver is the bus-only pass that can give you unbeatable savings and access to unlimited travel on Arriva buses throughout Yorkshire.

If you are a new user you will need to register before you can make a purchase. If you have already registered, you should log on with your user name usually your e-mail address, and the password you choose when registering. If you are renewing your pass, do not discard your existing photocard. You will need to attach your new sticker to it.

If you wish to use more than one operators' bus services, or if you wish to use the bus and the train, then StudentPlus MetroCard is the best option for you. Click here for all the details on how to purchase StudentPlus MetroCard.


Offer - available to purchase from 1st August 2013 Price

Autumn Term
2 September 2013 to 20 December 2013


Spring Term
6 January 2014 to 11 April 2014


Summer Term
28 April 2014 to 25 July 2014


Academic Year
2 September 2013 to 25 July 2014


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Frequently asked questions

1. Who can buy a Student Saver?
The Student Saver is available to all full time students who use Arriva bus services and attend university or college in Yorkshire, and hold a valid NUS card or have a university/college ID number. You must be 18 years +. Pay once ride many? Paying for every bus journey you make is hassle you can do without. You get on the bus, have to fumble through your pockets for change, pay the bus driver, take your change...A Student Season Saver at the start of term means you can ride as many times as you want without the hassle of daily payments.

2. Why don't I just pay when I get on?
For frequent or long distance travel the Student Saver can offer the best value deal on the Arriva Yorkshire network. It can be used any time, any day (including DalesBus services that are operated by Arriva. They cannot be used on DalesBus services provided by other bus operators.), so you can travel to and from college/university in the day and go out at night. With no time restrictions and with weekend travel included, the student ticket is by far the cheapest and best way to travel regularly on Arriva buses.

3. On which Arriva buses can I use my Student Saver?
The Student Saver is valid for travel on Arriva Yorkshire bus services within Yorkshire.
• For cross-boundary journeys the additional fare must be paid.
• They are available on all Arriva Yorkshire services, except DalesBus services. Please note the following services are run by Arriva North East, not Arriva Yorkshire, and therefore the Arriva Yorkshire Student Saver Ticket cannot be used on these services: X26, X27, 27, 28, 29, 34, X34, 72, X72, 59, X59, 81, 93, 5, 5A, X5, 29, 29A, 91, 92, 94, 95, X60, X61

4. How do I get a Student Saver?
Student Savers are available exclusively on-line. Buy your ticket directly from our website, using your Visa, Mastercard, Solo or Switch card for payment. We will issue you with a photocard if you are a new user, and post your ticket to you within five days of your order. Then you simply add a current passport style photo to the card and it is ready to use.

5. What happens if I lose my Student Saver?
Please try not to! Losing your ticket is like losing money and we cannot guarantee to replace it unless we are satisfied that the ticket cannot be used for travel by another person. We may at our discretion replace lost or stolen tickets provided that the ocurrence has been reported to the police and a crime reference number is provided. A charge (currently £25) will always be made for the replacement of a lost or stolen ticket. We will prosecute anyone attempting to travel on Arriva services with fraudulent or stolen tickets.

6. What happens if I leave university or college before my ticket expires?
Call our Customer Hotline on 0844 0800 44 11 and we'll explain what to do. You can normally get a refund, less an administration charge, on the portion left on your pass.