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7, 607

Maidstone to Tunbridge Wells

via Wateringbury, Hadlow and Tonbridge

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Maidstone Town Centre Chequers Bus Station--08:0209:02Then
Maidstone Town Centre Royal Star Arcade--08:0309:03230316:2317:0318:0318:2319:11
Maidstone Town Centre The Cannon--08:0409:04240416:2417:0418:0418:2419:12
Maidstone West Railway Station--08:0609:06260616:2617:0618:0518:2519:13
Maidstone Bower Place--08:0709:07270716:2717:0718:0718:2719:15
Maidstone Bower Lane--08:0809:08280816:2817:0818:0818:2819:16
Maidstone St Michael's Church--08:0909:09290916:2917:0918:0918:2919:17
Maidstone The Poplars--08:1009:10301016:3017:1018:1018:3019:18
Maidstone Clare Park--08:1109:11311116:3117:1118:1018:3019:18
Maidstone Oakwood Park--08:1309:13331316:3317:1318:1218:3219:20
Maidstone Western Road--08:1409:14341416:3417:1418:1218:3219:20
Maidstone The Cherry Tree--08:1509:15351516:3517:1518:1318:3319:21
Barming St Andrew's Church--08:1609:16361616:3617:1618:1418:3419:22
Barming Spice Fusion--08:1809:18381816:3817:1818:1518:3519:23
Barming Beverley Road--08:1909:19391916:3917:1918:1618:3619:24
Barming Glebe Lane--08:1909:19391916:3917:1918:1618:3619:24
Barming The Bull--08:2109:21412116:4117:2118:1818:3819:26
Teston The Street--08:2509:25452516:4517:2518:2118:4119:29
The Wateringbury Hotel--08:2809:28482816:4817:2818:2318:4319:31
Wateringbury Hall--08:2809:28482816:4817:2818:2318:4319:31
Wateringbury Church--08:2909:29492916:4917:2918:2318:4319:31
Wateringbury Old Road--08:2909:29492916:4917:2918:2418:4419:32
Wateringbury Pizien Well Road--08:3109:31513116:5117:3118:2518:4519:33
Mereworth Church--08:3409:34543416:5417:3418:2718:4719:35
Mereworth Filling Station07:3508:3509:35553516:5517:3518:2818:4819:36
Mereworth School07:3508:3509:35553516:5517:3518:2818:4819:36
Hadlow The Harrow07:4008:4109:41014117:0117:4118:3418:5419:42
Hadlow Great Elms07:4008:4109:41014117:0117:4118:3418:5419:42
Hadlow Square07:4108:4209:42024217:0217:4218:3518:5519:43
Hadlow Prince Of Wales07:4108:4209:42024217:0217:4218:3518:5519:43
Hadlow College07:4108:4309:43034317:0317:4318:3518:5519:43
Hadlow Ashes Lane07:4208:4309:43034317:0317:4318:3618:5619:44
Higham Wood Brown Jug Corner07:4308:4509:45054517:0517:4518:3718:5719:45
Higham Wood Three Elm Lane07:4308:4609:46064617:0617:4618:3818:5819:46
Higham Wood Great Fish Hall07:4408:4709:47074717:0717:4718:3918:5919:47
Higham Wood Estridge Way07:4508:4809:48084817:0817:4818:4019:0019:48
Higham Wood Orchard Drive07:4508:4809:48084817:0817:4818:4019:0019:48
Higham Wood Higham Lane07:4608:4909:49094917:0917:4918:4119:0119:49
Higham Wood The Ridgeway07:4608:5009:50105017:1017:5018:4119:0119:49
Cage Green Yardley Park Road07:4608:5109:51115117:1117:5118:4219:0219:50
Tonbridge Cannon Lane07:4708:5109:51115117:1117:5118:4219:0219:50
Tonbridge Mitre Court07:4708:5209:52125217:1217:5218:4319:0319:51
Tonbridge Bordyke07:4808:5309:53135317:1317:5318:4419:0419:52
Tonbridge Castle07:4908:5709:57175717:1717:5718:4519:0519:53
Tonbridge Quarry Hill Parade07:5109:0010:00200017:2018:0018:4719:0719:55
Tonbridge Springwell Road07:5109:0110:01210117:2118:0118:4719:0719:55
Tonbridge Baltic Road07:5209:0210:02220217:2218:0218:4819:0819:56
Tonbridge Mabledon07:5309:0410:04240417:2418:0418:4919:0919:57
Southborough Hangmans Hill07:5409:0610:06260617:2618:0618:5019:1019:58
Southborough Bidborough Corner07:5509:0710:07270717:2718:0718:5119:1119:59
Southborough Birchwood Avenue07:5609:0910:09290917:2918:0918:5319:1320:01
Southborough The Fountain07:5709:1110:11311117:3118:1118:5419:1420:02
Southborough Sheffield Road07:5709:1110:11311117:3118:1118:5419:1420:02
Southborough Victoria Hall07:5709:1310:13331317:3318:1318:5519:1520:03
Southborough Library07:5809:1410:14341417:3418:1418:5519:1520:03
St John's Tunbridge Wells Boys' Grammar School07:5909:1610:16361617:3618:1618:5619:1620:04
St John's YMCA07:5909:1710:17371717:3718:1718:5719:1720:05
St John's East Cliff Road07:5909:1810:18381817:3818:1818:5719:1720:05
St John's The Skinners' School08:0009:1910:19391917:3918:1918:5819:1820:06
St John's Church08:0009:2010:20402017:4018:2018:5819:1820:06
St John's London Road Arriva Depot08:0109:2110:21412117:4118:2118:5919:1920:07
Tunbridge Wells Grosvenor Road08:0109:2110:21412117:4118:2118:5919:1920:07
Tunbridge Wells Meadow Road08:0109:2110:21412117:4118:2118:5919:1920:07
Tunbridge Wells Royal Victoria Place08:0209:2210:22422217:4218:2219:0019:2020:08
Tunbridge Wells War Memorial08:0209:2210:22422217:4218:2219:0019:2020:08
Tunbridge Wells Railway Station08:0609:2610:26462617:4618:2619:0419:2420:12

Service updates

  • Changes to bus times in Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells from 12th April 2015

    A number of changes to services will be made as the result of Kent County Council having re-temdered the contracts for some of the services they support financially in the Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and West Malling area.

  • Changes to services in the Maidstone and Malling areas from 12th April 2015

    The evening buses on Services 77 and 147 between Tunbridge Wells and Snodland will be run under contract to Kent County Council by Nu-Venture instead of Arriva and the Sunday Service 334 between Maidstone and Sheerness will no longer run due to insufficient use being made of it.

    There will be further changes in teh Maidstone area from 19th April. Watch for details.

  • Timetable changes in the Tunbridge Wells area - From 20th April 2015

    There will be minor changes to the times of some buses on Services 6, 7 and 147 to improve reliability, the Friday and Saturday late-evening Service 229 bus to Rotherfield will no longer run due to termination of the contract to provide it and Service 403 will no longer run due to lack of use. Extra Service 402 buses will run between Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks to maintain the half-hourly frequency between the towns.

  • Changes to bus times and routes in the Maidstone area - From 19th April 2015

    We're making a number of changes to our services in the Maidstone area from 19th April. Many relate to revised timings to improve the reliability of buses that are regularly being delayed by traffic congestion and many of these will depart earlier than at present in order to achieve their scheduled arrival times. There will also be significant changes to Service 79.

  • Maidstone Civic Day Parade - 23rd May 2015

    The Maidstone Civic Parade will take place on Saturday 23rd May, as a result of which the High Street and Mill Street will be closed between 1130 and 1210 hours. It will not be possible to serve the main bus stops in the Town Centre during that time and the area around County Hall and Maidstone East Station will be closed between 1030 and 1125 hours with the East Station and Brenchley Gardens/Museum bus stops not being served.

  • View the full list of changes