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Sittingbourne Road Park & Ride to Maidstone Town Centre

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View all stops5065065061 5062 5065065062 5061 5065065062 5061 5065065062 5061 5065065061 5062 5065065065065065065065065062 5061 5065065062 5061 5065065062 5061 5065065061 5062 5065065061 5062
Maidstone Sittingbourne Road Park and Ride07:0007:1207:2407:2407:3607:4807:5807:5808:0808:2008:3008:3008:4008:5009:0009:0009:1209:2409:3609:3609:4810:00Then
Maidstone Shaw Close07:0007:1207:2407:2407:3607:4807:5907:5908:0908:2108:3108:3108:4108:5109:0109:0109:1209:2409:3609:3609:4810:001530450015:4515:5916:0916:0916:1916:2916:3916:3916:4916:5917:0917:0917:1917:2917:3917:3917:5118:0218:1418:14
Vinters Park Chiltern Hundreds07:0107:1307:2507:2507:3707:4908:0008:0008:1008:2208:3208:3208:4208:5209:0209:0209:1309:2509:3709:3709:4910:011631460115:4616:0016:1016:1016:2016:3016:4016:4016:5017:0017:1017:1017:2017:3017:4017:4017:5218:0318:1518:15
Maidstone Town Centre King Street07:0607:1807:3007:3007:4207:5408:0608:0608:1608:2808:3808:3808:4808:5809:0809:0809:1809:3009:4209:4209:5410:062136510615:5116:0616:1616:1616:2616:3616:4616:4616:5617:0617:1617:1617:2617:3617:4617:4617:5818:0818:2018:20

1Term Time Only 2Only During School Holidays

Service updates

  • Where to get timetables and information in Maidstone

    Timetables and leafflets giving details of our range of money-saving tickets can be obtained from the Maidstone Borough Council Gateway offices in King Street.

  • Maidstone Civic Day Parade - 23rd May 2015

    The Maidstone Civic Parade will take place on Saturday 23rd May, as a result of which the High Street and Mill Street will be closed between 1130 and 1210 hours. It will not be possible to serve the main bus stops in the Town Centre during that time and the area around County Hall and Maidstone East Station will be closed between 1030 and 1125 hours with the East Station and Brenchley Gardens/Museum bus stops not being served.

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