ARRIVA - 32,33 - Wrexham - Llay - Wrexham

32,33 - Wrexham - Llay - Wrexham

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Monday to Friday

Wrexham - Llay - Wrexham
Service No:333233323332
Wrexham Bus Station06:5007:2007:3507:500520
Bradley Circle----07:3307:4808:03then1833
Llay, Ring07:0607:4307:5608:13at2643
Bradley Circle07:1507:5008:0508:203550
Wrexham Bus Station07:2808:0308:1808:334803
Wrexham - Llay - Wrexham
Service No:333233333233
Wrexham Bus Station3550until18:0518:3019:3020:30
Bradley Circle480318:1818:4319:4320:43
Llay, Ring561318:2618:4919:5120:49
Bradley Circle052018:3519:0019:5720:57
Wrexham Bus Station183318:4819:1320:1021:10
Wrexham - Llay - Wrexham
Service No:3233
Wrexham Bus Station21:3022:45
Bradley Circle21:4322:58
Llay, Ring21:5123:04
Bradley Circle21:57----
Pentre Street----23:07
Wrexham Bus Station22:10----


Wrexham - Llay - Wrexham
Service No:333233323332
Wrexham Bus Station07:3007:4508:0008:2008:3508:50
Bradley Circle07:4307:5808:1308:3308:4809:03then
Llay, Ring07:5108:0808:2108:4308:5609:13at
Bradley Circle08:0008:1508:3008:5009:0509:20
Wrexham Bus Station08:1308:3008:4809:0309:1809:33
Wrexham - Llay - Wrexham
Service No:333233323333
Wrexham Bus Station05203550until18:0518:30
Bradley Circle1833480318:1818:43
Llay, Ring2643561318:2618:49
Bradley Circle3550052018:3519:00
Wrexham Bus Station4803183318:4819:13
Wrexham - Llay - Wrexham
Service No:32333233
Wrexham Bus Station19:3020:3021:3022:45
Bradley Circle19:4320:4321:4322:58
Llay, Ring19:5120:4921:5123:04
Bradley Circle19:5720:5721:57----
Pentre Street------------23:07
Wrexham Bus Station20:1021:1022:10----

Sunday and Bank Holidays

Wrexham - Llay - Wrexham
Service No:33323332333233
Wrexham Bus Station10:0511:0512:0513:0514:0515:0516:05
Bradley Circle10:1811:1812:1813:1814:1815:1816:18
Llay, Ring10:2611:2812:2613:2814:2615:2816:26
Bradley Circle10:3511:3512:3513:3514:3515:3516:35
Wrexham Bus Station10:4811:4812:4813:4814:4815:4816:48
Wrexham - Llay - Wrexham
Service No:3233
Wrexham Bus Station17:0518:05
Bradley Circle17:1818:18
Llay, Ring17:2818:26
Bradley Circle17:3518:35
Wrexham Bus Station17:4818:48




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