ARRIVA - 38 - Derby - Sinfin via Sinfin Lane

38 - Derby - Sinfin via Sinfin Lane

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Monday to Friday

Derby - Sinfin via Sinfin Lane
Service No:38383838383838
Derby, Bus Station----------------06:3506:4506:55
Derby, The Spot----------------06:4006:5007:00
St Thomas Road/Sutherland Road----------------06:5107:0107:11
Sinfin, Asda Store05:5306:2306:4306:5307:0307:1307:23
Sinfin, Wragley Way/Beaufort Road05:5606:2606:4706:5707:0707:1707:27
Sinfin, Asda Store06:0106:3106:5207:0207:1207:2207:32
Ivy Square06:1306:4307:0707:1707:2707:3707:47
Derby, Bus Station06:2306:5307:2007:3007:4007:5008:00
Derby - Sinfin via Sinfin Lane
Service No:383838383838
Derby, Bus Stationuntil17:3517:4517:5518:0518:2018:35
Derby, The Spot17:4017:5018:0018:1018:2518:39
St Thomas Road/Sutherland Road17:5118:0118:1118:2118:3618:48
Sinfin, Asda Store18:0318:1318:2318:3318:4618:58
Sinfin, Wragley Way/Beaufort Road18:0718:1718:2718:3718:4919:01
Sinfin, Asda Store18:1218:2218:3118:4118:5219:04
Ivy Square18:2718:3718:4218:5219:0319:15
Derby, Bus Station18:4018:5018:5219:0219:1319:25
Derby - Sinfin via Sinfin Lane
Service No:38383838383838
Derby, Bus Station18:5519:1519:4520:1520:4521:1521:45
Derby, The Spot18:5919:1919:4920:1920:4921:1921:49
St Thomas Road/Sutherland Road19:0819:2819:5820:2820:5821:2821:58
Sinfin, Asda Store19:1819:3820:0820:3821:0821:3822:08
Sinfin, Wragley Way/Beaufort Road19:2119:4120:1120:4121:1121:4122:11
Sinfin, Asda Store19:2419:4420:1420:4421:1421:4422:14
Ivy Square19:3519:5520:2520:5521:2521:5522:25
Derby, Bus Station19:4520:0520:3521:0521:3522:0522:35
Derby - Sinfin via Sinfin Lane
Service No:383838
Derby, Bus Station22:1522:4523:15
Derby, The Spot22:1922:4923:19
St Thomas Road/Sutherland Road22:2822:5823:28
Sinfin, Asda Store22:3823:0823:38
Sinfin, Wragley Way/Beaufort Road22:4123:1123:41
Sinfin, Asda Store22:4423:1423:44
Ivy Square22:5523:25----
Derby, Bus Station23:0523:35----


Derby - Sinfin via Sinfin Lane
Service No:383838383838
Derby, Bus Station----06:5507:1507:3507:5008:05 Then at these
mins past
each hour
Derby, The Spot----07:0007:2007:4007:5508:10
St Thomas Road/Sutherland Road----07:1107:3107:5108:0608:21
Sinfin, Asda Store06:5307:2307:4308:0308:1808:33
Sinfin, Wragley Way/Beaufort Road06:5707:2707:4708:0708:2208:37
Sinfin, Asda Store07:0207:3207:5208:1208:2708:42
Ivy Square07:1707:4708:0708:2708:4208:57
Derby, Bus Station07:3008:0008:2008:4008:5509:10
Derby - Sinfin via Sinfin Lane
Service No:3838
every 12 mins
Derby, Bus Station1729415305until17:05
Derby, The Spot223446581017:10
St Thomas Road/Sutherland Road334557092117:21
Sinfin, Asda Store455709213317:33
Sinfin, Wragley Way/Beaufort Road490113253717:37
Sinfin, Asda Store540618304217:42
Ivy Square092133455717:57
Derby, Bus Station223446581018:10
Derby - Sinfin via Sinfin Lane
Service No:38
Derby, Bus Station17:20
Derby, The Spot17:25
St Thomas Road/Sutherland Road17:36
Sinfin, Asda Store17:48
Sinfin, Wragley Way/Beaufort Road17:52
Sinfin, Asda Store17:57
Ivy Square18:12
Derby, Bus Station18:25
Derby - Sinfin via Sinfin Lane
Service No:383838383838
every 30 mins
Derby, Bus Station17:3517:5018:0518:2018:45 Then at these
mins past
each hour
Derby, The Spot17:4017:5518:1018:2518:4919
St Thomas Road/Sutherland Road17:5118:0618:2118:3618:5828
Sinfin, Asda Store18:0318:1818:3318:4619:0838
Sinfin, Wragley Way/Beaufort Road18:0718:2218:3718:4919:1141
Sinfin, Asda Store18:1218:2618:4118:5219:1444
Ivy Square18:2718:3718:5219:0319:2555
Derby, Bus Station18:4018:4719:0219:1319:3505
Derby - Sinfin via Sinfin Lane
Service No:38383838
Derby, Bus Station45until22:1522:4523:15
Derby, The Spot4922:1922:4923:19
St Thomas Road/Sutherland Road5822:2822:5823:28
Sinfin, Asda Store0822:3823:0823:38
Sinfin, Wragley Way/Beaufort Road1122:4123:1123:41
Sinfin, Asda Store1422:4423:1423:44
Ivy Square2522:5523:25----
Derby, Bus Station3523:0523:35----

Sunday and Bank Holidays

Derby - Sinfin via Sinfin Lane
Service No:383838383838
Derby, Bus Station--------94510:1510:45 Then at these
mins past
each hour
Derby, The Spot--------94910:1910:4919
St Thomas Road/Sutherland Road--------95810:2810:5828
Sinfin, Asda Store90893810:0810:3811:0838
Sinfin, Wragley Way/Beaufort Road91194110:1110:4111:1141
Sinfin, Asda Store91494410:1410:4411:1444
Ivy Square92595510:2510:5511:2555
Derby, Bus Station93510:0510:3511:0511:355
Derby - Sinfin via Sinfin Lane
Service No:383838
Derby, Bus Station45until22:4523:15
Derby, The Spot4922:4923:19
St Thomas Road/Sutherland Road5822:5823:28
Sinfin, Asda Store823:0823:38
Sinfin, Wragley Way/Beaufort Road1123:1123:41
Sinfin, Asda Store1423:1423:44
Ivy Square2523:25----
Derby, Bus Station3523:35----




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